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June 13, 2016 / Engagement Rings

Vintage engagements rings are all the rage, they are a source of inspiration for many brides or grooms-to-be and are nearly as popular as the classic solitaire. Not all vintage engagement rings are the same, in fact, they are all vastly different, satisfying many tastes and styles.

There are a few risks to consider when purchasing a genuine antique ring. Firstly, it can be expensive and often repairs need to be carried out immediately to make it safe. Imagine if you had worn a ring every day for 50+ years and think of the wear it would be exposed to over that time. It is quite likely has been repaired but it is even more likely that it is going to continue to need repairs. If you want to go down the path of purchasing an antique ring it is a good idea to get a professional eye to look over it to determine the true value and the longevity of the piece. Always keep in mind that just like any significant purchase it is a good idea to do your research first.

So what is the alternative to a genuine vintage engagement ring? Recreating your own piece of history of course. As we mentioned above, your pool of inspiration is simply endless; from the lavish engagement rings of the Edwardian era to the romantic, delicate nature of Art Nouveau rings and the stunning Art Deco rings renowned for their intricate patterns, symmetry and use of colour. With a quick Google search of jewellery from these eras, you will quickly find yourself with an abundance of inspiration at hand.

Recreating a vintage engagement ring means you can draw on all your ideas to create something truly unique. Something inspired by the old but is original in its own right. Gather all your inspiration and decide what elements you love. Is it a certain cut stone? A diamond or a particular coloured gemstone? Beautiful engraving or the way the design features beautiful sweeping curves? Do you love certain patterns textures? Once you have considered all aspects, take your ideas to your jeweller – images are a great reference so that we know they are on the same page as you. Your jeweller can then help bring all your ideas together translating them into a beautiful vintage inspired piece.

At Larsen Jewellery, we love it when customers enlist our help in designing their vintage inspired engagement ring. We love reflecting on the nostalgia of a time once passed and interpreting in a way that suits our client’s tastes and style perfectly. Here are just some of our favourite vintage inspired pieces of recent times:


The ‘Aura’ featuring a stunning marquise diamond and surrounded by small round brilliant diamonds.



The ‘Eve’ featuring an emerald cut Emerald with mill grain detailing to give a stunning antique look.



The ‘Renaissance’ featuring diamonds and emeralds with mill grain and hand engraved detailing.



The ‘Morning Star’ a delicate round brilliant engagement ring with an exquisite leaf design hand engraved on to the band.




The ‘Bluebell’ Sapphire and diamond three stone engagement ring with a beautiful hand engraved pattern on the profile and face of the ring.



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