Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas & Quotes

by Sara Gibson
July 12, 2017 / Bridal & Dress Jewellery,Wedding Rings

When customising a wedding ring there can be many choices to make, from the metal to the diamond shape or colour of gemstone. But one of the final questions our jewellers at Larsen Jewellery will ask you when finalising your wedding ring is whether you want an engraved message written on the inside of your rings. This is not a must, but most people opt to include either their names and the date or a lovely, or sometimes humorous, message.

As it is one of the final stages of custom making your wedding ring, it is not necessary for you to provide your quote/words when ordering your rings. If you need some extra time to think of what you would like then just request for your jeweller to advise when they need to know. It might even be something that you do further down the track.

The most obvious and the most popular choice is to have your names and the date of your wedding engraved on the inside. But many others choose to come up with a few sentimental words to express their love. To help get your creative juices flowing here are some of the most popular from the most romantic to the light-hearted:


The beginning of forever

I found love, & love was you

A perfect fit

Worth the wait

Until my forever ends

Nothing else matters

I want to grow old with you

United as one

My soulmate

My love, My life, My friend

Today, tomorrow, always…

Forever, Amen

Put me back on!

You jump, I jump

Finders Keepers

Happily ever after begins


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