What To Do if You Get an Engagement Ring You Hate Without Stressing Your Fiancé

July 27, 2015 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

The reality of surprise proposals is there is always a risk that the ring may not be what she / you have been dreaming of. When a guy makes that decision to go down the surprise path, it is a brave decision and not taken lightly. Hours, sweat and perhaps some tears have gone into making this choice, so you can only imagine the nerves when he gets down on one knee to pop the inevitable question; all in the hope that his hard work has paid off and you scream ”YES” in delight!
We hope for every man and woman in this situation that the proposal is executed as planned / dreamed of… But sometimes a guy’s taste is just not quite up to scratch. Or many would argue that some ladies are just a touch too particular. Either way if you find yourself gasping for breath (and not in a good way) when you first set eyes on the ring, hopefully by reading this article you will be prepared for this undesirable situation and you will know it is time to give your best Academy Award performance.
What to do next….
Give it some time…
It is quite likely that after a few days of wearing the ring that your fiancé has poured so much energy into, you will find it has grown on you and any other ring you had dreamed up of has now subsided to the back of your memory. But if you are 100% sure that this is not the ring for you, it is important to proceed with caution and treat this delicately.
Firstly, do not send photos or show off the ring to anyone. There will be questions when you later show a different ring.
After allowing a safe amount of time, once you have enjoyed the high, toasted champagne and slowing coming down from cloud nine, choose a time when you can approach the subject diplomatically and without getting too emotional. Allow at least a good few days, but remember to not leave it too long. Prepare yourself for the fact that there might be little your jeweller can do in terms of allowing a full exchange. Particularly if your engagement ring is custom made. The sooner you approach them, the more they will be able and willing to help you as much as they can with this delicate situation.
Here are our three top tips to break the news… gently:
– Explain to him that you want a ring that represents the two of you and that you will wear proudly for the rest of your lives.
-The most important thing is not to make it all negative… Make sure you complement him on the parts you love and how much you love and appreciate the time and energy that has gone into it.
– Reassure him that you want him to be a part of redesigning the ring with you so it is a joint effort, a true representation of the two of you. 
The most important thing is to not act too hastily. Remember, he has asked for your hand in marriage. To spend your lives together. Ultimately, he wants you to look down at your ring finger with joy! 

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