What You Need to Know About Resizing Engagement Rings

by Lars Larsen
April 6, 2015 / Engagement Rings,Jewellery Buying Guide

One of the biggest challenges when organising a surprise engagement ring, besides choosing the right ring, is guessing the correct finger size. There are helpful ways to assist you in guessing the correct size, such as secretly borrowing one of her rings and getting it sized, trace the inside of one of her rings or seeing if her rings fits on one of your fingers. But more often than not when guessing the finger size there is a high chance that the ring size will need to be resized.
Why should you guess the finger size as close as possible?
It is always best to guess the finger size as close as possible and that’s why these helpful tips are so useful. Why is it important to try and guess the finger size as close as possible? If an engagement ring needs to be resized it is relatively straightforward to resize slightly up or down without any issues. However, if a ring requires significant resizing it can potentially affect the integrity of the design, its structure and chances are it can be an expensive exercise.
Are there any designs that can be tricky to resize?
There are also certain designs that can be more complex to resize. These include rings that have diamonds that are set all the way around or that have a detailed hand engraved pattern that also goes all the way around the band. To avoid running into any issues with these styles, one solution we recommend is to leave a small gap at the bottom of your ring to allow for any potential resizing in the future. 
What to consider when sizing your finger…
It’s important to remember that everybody’s hands can react differently to the environment. This is important to keep mind when having your finger sized or trying on your ring for the first time. Often our hands will be at their largest first thing in the morning and will also swell up when the weather warms up. If your ring feels a little tight when you first try it on we suggest wearing it for a few days (providing it is not cutting off your circulation!) and see how it feels over the course of the day and with the changes in weather. 
Having your jewellery resized is a common practice and jewellers have many tricks to make sure your ring is the right fit! Due to the likelihood that your engagement ring may need to be resized it is a good idea to check with your jeweller if they charge for a resize. At Larsen Jewellery we understand that it’s  hard to guess the finger size perfectly, so we offer a free resize with all of our engagement rings within the first month of purchase.

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