Where we misplace our engagement rings and how to avoid losing them!

February 29, 2016 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

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It’s every lady’s worst nightmare (and every man who has forked out a considerable chunk of his life savings worst nightmare too) to lose your engagement ring. It’s unimaginable and that is why we are all so careful to make sure that the ring fits perfectly from the very beginning.

Most ladies will be able to relate to that moment of panic and dread when you think you have done the unimaginable, lost ‘the’ ring. Once the initial panic passes, relief sets in when you realise you have absent mindedly placed it somewhere.

If this sounds like you, then here are a few spots to check before you allow any real concern to set in:

1. The Kitchen Sink

If you’ve just been in the kitchen cleaning dishes, it is likely, you have routinely taken your rings off and left them somewhere near the sink.

2. The Bathroom

Just as above, when showering or washing our hands, most of us take our rings off, so it’s a good idea to check these spots first.

3. Your Bag

Some of us take our rings off when at the gym being cautious not to do any unwanted damage. Many of us also forget we put them there, it’s always a good idea to check all the pockets of your bag.

4. The Bedside Table

Some of us sleep with our rings on, but many do not. Check your bedside table and around it to make sure your ring hasn’t fallen to the ground.

To avoid having numerous “I’ve lost my keys” moments with your engagement ring we suggest creating specific places where you routinely put your ring when you take it off. If going to the gym, a protective pouch for your ring is ideal and when near the sink, either in the kitchen or bathroom, have a small dish you place your ring in. If taking your ring off before going to bed, a pouch or a dish on your bedside table is a good idea. If you are one to place your jewellery in your jewellery box, we suggest putting your pieces in to individual pouches to protect them from wearing against other jewellery, metals and gems.

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