Which Diamond Shape is Best for Your Hand

by Sara Gibson
May 22, 2018 / Engagement Rings

Many ladies spend years daydreaming about the engagement ring they will one day receive. And then there are others who fall in love with so many designs they find it hard to decide on just one! When the time comes this can make selecting the perfect engagement ring a potentially difficult decision. One of the best ways to narrow down your options is to find out which style best suits your hand, in particular, which shaped diamond is the right choice for you.

Discovering the style that suits you best can be an interesting exercise. Even if you have spent hours browsing on Pinterest to work out exactly what you want, you may find that your choice changes once you see how it looks on your hand. It is important to be mindful that, just like purchasing an item of clothing, what a ring might look like in an image may appear and feel different when you try it on in real life. So allow yourself to be open to the idea of getting something different to what you had imagined.

Below are a few tips to assist you in choosing the best shape diamonds for your hand.

1. Consider the size. Some ladies have their heart set on a large diamond. If you have petite hands then take in to account the fact that a big diamond will look even larger on your hand. Consider the size and even save yourself a few dollars by opting for a smaller diamond in proportion with your hand.

2. Do you have short fingers and want to create the illusion of long fingers? For you, an elongated shape will look great on your hand. Emerald cut, oval, marquise and pear-shaped diamonds are all wonderful options.

3. For those with long fingers or skinny hands then larger stones, either round, square or other fancy shapes are a perfect fit for you.

4. Which shape is the safest choice for most hands? Round brilliant diamonds are the most popular diamonds for several reasons, one of those is that they suit just about everyone. If your preference is classic and timeless designs then opt for a round brilliant diamond.

Most importantly you should always stay true to your personality and style. Stick to a ring that you absolutely love. Always try designs on before you make your final choice and avoid making the mistake of overwhelming yourself with too many options.

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