Why should you design your own engagement ring?

by Lars Larsen
August 6, 2013 / Engagement Rings,Jewellery Buying Guide

So, you have decided to pop the question! Yes, that’s right, the pinnacle of life defining moments.

Deciding on a ring is your next step. Whether you decide to surprise your partner with a ring or have her be a part of the process, is completely up to you.

But deciding on where to purchase an engagement ring may leave you feeling as though you have come to a fork in the road. You are now confronted with two choices: choose a pre-made engagement ring or having your ring custom-designed and made for you.

Yes, there are many exquisite pre-made rings, so it is understandable that you might wonder why you would choose to have a ring custom made, when it is a simpler and faster process to select a pre-made ring off the shelf and take it home straight away. But there are many wonderful reasons in favour of custom making your own; some would say that these far out weigh the reasons why you should not!

There is something truly beautiful about having an engagement ring custom made especially for the one you love.  This is perhaps the single most important and one of the largest purchases you will make – and rightly so, it is deserving of every moment that it takes to make the right choice.

The process of having a custom made engagement ring does not have to be a daunting one. In fact it should be enjoyable, perhaps a touch nerve racking, but definitely enjoyable! The most beautiful thing about having your ring custom made is that you become a part of the entire process; from selecting a style, to choosing the perfect diamond or coloured gemstone and then finally deciding on the perfect design to house your chosen gemstone. It becomes such a lovely and truly personal experience and a good jeweller will guide you through the whole process with ease, making sure that you get to see the ring throughout different stages. 

But above anything else, the sentimental value of having a ring custom made is truly second to none. For the rest of your life your partner will wear a ring that has been created by you to be worn only by her. And that in itself is worth every moment it takes to create a custom made an engagement ring!

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