Felicia and Craig

We were on our Europe trip that started with a Christmas Topdeck tour to Bruges, Belgium. It was the night before when the whole tour decided to stay up until midnight to bring in Christmas day together! Little did I know that when I went to bed, my now fiance,Ž Craig, decided to ask our tour guide to help set up a proposal on our Christmas Day walking tour through the old town of Bruges.

The tour started behind an old, quaint Church by the ‘Lake of Love’ & ‘Lovers Bridge’. As we were the only couple on the trip, the tour guide thought it would be appropriate for ‘the only couple on the tour’ to kiss on the Lovers Bridge over the Lake of Love. Instantly I was like, ‘Yeah, hell no, how awkward… I’m not getting up in front of forty-six other people to kiss!”

She asked again and I looked at Craig and decided it was Christmas so I needed to stop being a Grinch and embrace it. I handed the GoPro to the tour guide to take a photo and went up the bridge. When we got up there, every other tourist in town was trying to get a photo. I turned my back to Craig for like five seconds to stare down to the water and when I turned around, the big cutie was on one knee with my absolute dream ring! Thanks to Larsen, yessss he did so well! Then he asked me to marry him. My response? In front of forty-six people was, ”What the f*%$!” Ha ha. ”Yes, yes and yes.” It was perfect. I 100% did not see it coming so as you can imagine, he did very well at making trips to the city store from Manly a secret! Thank you for helping him! We will be back for wedding rings before next May!