Josh and Colleen

With just  six weeks until my holiday with a group of friends to Hawaii, I decided it was the perfect time to pull the trigger! I’d known straight away that the ‘little American’, Colleen, was a special one. Five minutes after our first date I’d even warned my brother & sister-in-law to start saving their pennies for a Boston wedding, so the date went that well!

When the time came to find a ring, a quick Google search for the ”best engagement rings in Sydney”, sent me straight to Larsen Jewellery and the amazing Jessica. Jess guided me through the 4C’s in a diamond 101 session and we were on our way. The day before we were to fly out to Hawaii, I picked up the incredible custom made ‘Rosetta’ ring from Larsen and stashed it deep away in my luggage. Scarily, it was all on me now.

It took a few days of surfing, sun & cocktails with our friends to work up to the moment. We had a private little beach with turtles constantly on it behind our house. I figured sunset that evening would be the perfect moment. I stashed the ring into the pocket of my board shorts, all ready to go, before the heavens unleashed with a tropical downpour – no romantic beach sunset proposal tonight!

I tried again the next evening, asking Colleen if she wanted to take a stroll down to the beach. Her response  was, “No, let’s go for a run”. So no luck again, the damn ring burning a hole in the pocket of my board shorts still. The next morning was the moment. The sun was just rising over the beautiful Hawaiian island. There were turtles burrowing into the sand, laying eggs as the water lapped up against them and nobody on the beach apart from me and my future wife.

I dropped to my knee, she said, ”yes”… eventually, (a rare occasion of having an American at a loss for words). The rest is history!

It’s been mass wedding planning since! We are off to Boston next month to celebrate with our American family and friends. The big day is next March when we’ll tie the knot near our home in Manly, by the beach again, but with less turtles and more loved ones this time. So keep an appointment open for us, Jess, we are coming back in for the wedding bands now!