Lara and Jasmine

My fianceŽ and I became engaged on 24th June 2017. For a same-sex couple at that time, we faced the very real possibility that marriage in Australia may not have become a reality for us for quite some time. But there was no way that a silly postal survey could keep us from wanting to commit to each other.

I had known for a long time that I wanted to ask Jasmine to marry me. Without letting her on to what I had planned, I took on extra work to start saving towards a ring and asked her parents for their blessing. I had already began searching high and low for the perfect ring when I realised it wouldn’t be perfect unless it was custom made for Jas. So I enlisted Larsen Jewellery to design the bespoke ring of my girlfriend’s dreams.

Under the guise of a weekend getaway to celebrate her graduation of university, I surprised her with a trip to Coffs Harbour, namely to swim with dolphins at Dolphin Marine Magic. Jasmine has been an avid lover of dolphins since she was a little girl, an affinity that inspired her to go on to study marine biology. I planned out the whole day as a tribute to Jas in recognition of her hard work. We swam with dolphins, had lunch by the sea, got pampered with massages and manicures, and finished off the evening with a romantic dinner. I had told Jas all along that I had one last surprise for her; a surprise that I made sure to stress I had ‘made’ for her. This was just in case she did start suspecting that a certain big question was about to be popped.

Back in the privacy of our suite, I gave Jas the book I’d been secretly putting together for months. Captured inside was a collection of polaroid photographs detailing our ‘firsts’, such as where we first met, where we first kissed, where we adopted our first fur baby and also where we first lived together. As she turned each page, the memories collected inside became even more recent, showing our first dolphin swim from earlier that day.

Then came the big shocker, ”Where I asked you to marry me…”, next to a photo of the very resort where we were staying. The confused surprise on Jas’ face bought me enough time to get down on one knee and pull out the ring box I had been hiding. Jas’ bespoke engagement ring is absolutely stunning and I cannot thank Larsen Jewellery enough for bringing all of my whimsical imaginings together into such a beautiful piece.

The ring compliments Jasmine completely by using her birthstone, an aquamarine at its centre and a band shaped into two elegant dolphins dancing in sparkly diamond waves.

Jasmine was definitely surprised and loves her one-of-a-kind dolphin engagement ring. She regularly receives compliments on it and we’re always eager to recommend Larsen to everyone we speak to. Now we’re equally excited to see what Larsen Jewellery can design for us as a complimentary wedding band!