Sarah and Ben

My story starts with my now fiance asking my dad’s permission to marry me when we went to visit my family in North Queensland. I was out on a girls night so Ben decided to take my dad out with a friend for a boys night out.

After a few ‘liquid courage’ whiskeys, Ben plucked up the courage to ask and my dad was so pleased that he said yes. Needless to say the night turned very messy and Ben and has mate came home after all three of them got cut off at the bar. The next morning, I thought I would call my dad to check that he was ok, and the first thing he said to me was, “Congratulations!” I asked what he was talking about, (and it then clicked what would’ve happened). My dad then tried to cover it up and just changed the topic.

Needless to say, the surprise was ruined! I pretended I didn’t know. Fast forward a month later and we were walking to brunch like we always do and I had a case of the ‘Hangry’s’. Ben kept dawdling and acting strange. I turned around and started to give him a spray, to find him down on one knee! Shocked me out of my hanger and I quickly said, ”yes!” Thank you Larsen Jewellery, for my ring. It is to die for!