Tammie and Damian

Not long after our second anniversary together, my husband and I went out to Hogs Breath for dinner. It was nothing fancy, just our local favourite spot to eat. Afterwards, Damian suggested we go down to the beach for a wander as we weren’t far from a lookout near Frankston.

We didn’t find where he had in mind, but we did end up near the Pier in that area. It wasn’t a warm night, I had thrown on two light zip ups I’d found in the car, to keep warm, and we just admired the sea at sunset. At one point I bent down to write something in the sand, and then Damian went to do the same. I turned to look at the sunset and take photos and wasn’t in a hurry to turn around even after he asked me to. Eventually I turned around to see him on one knee, holding up the engagement ring, and the words, ”marry me?” written in the sand.

Apparently I was too busy hugging him and trying on the ring and getting excited and I didn’t even actually say yes at first. Anyway, he’d organised with our housemate to have an engagement rose and chocolate milk, and wine glasses to toast the engagement (I don’t drink and chocolate milk is my favourite). That wasn’t the end of it, however, as Damian closed the boot after getting everything out and locked the keys in the car! We sat out on the wall waiting for RACV to come and unlock the car for us, snuggling to keep warm, and eventually calling parents and close friends. It was a great evening, though. And our wedding was perfect, eleven months later.