Veneet and Joanna

So there’s a bench in a park near where we live. Years ago, whilst sitting on this bench on our third date, and unbeknownst to me at the time, my now wife decided in her head that I could be her boyfriend! So, three years later, I decided it was the ideal place to propose.

I suggested a champagne picnic to celebrate the new job I was about to start and then popped the question whilst we sat on that very same bench. She had no idea, but screamed a little (in joy I’ve always hoped), then said, ”Yes!” We were even lucky enough that a random passer-by spotted the proposal and took some photos of the happy scenes afterwards. I proposed with a prop ring, before we had a custom ring (and the wedding bands and some diamond earrings), made by Larsen Jewellery! It’s a story we look forward to telling our boys some day, whilst sitting on that bench with them.