Conflict Free Policy

Mined in many countries around the world, diamonds have not always had a spotless reputation. The term “conflict diamonds”, also known as “blood diamonds”, refers to diamonds mined in a war zone, whose sale proceeds are used to fund weapons or aid civil unrest undermining legitimate governments. Today, thanks to measures put in place to stop the flow of conflict diamonds, these diamonds are estimated to account for less than 1% of world diamond production.

Larsen Jewellery does not sell or deal with any supplier who deals in or sells conflict diamonds. We take this issue very seriously and only work with suppliers who can confirm that their diamonds are conflict free.

Larsen Jewellery is also a proud member of the Jewellers Association of Australia and the Goldsmiths Guild of Australia, and as such adheres to their strict Code of Ethics.

It is our policy to only purchase diamonds from reputable, well established diamond suppliers, who can guarantee that their diamonds are conflict free and adhere to all of the conditions set in place by the Kimberly Process, a United Nations Declaration signed by 49 diamond producing countries to stop the mining and sale of conflict diamonds.

The jewellers at Larsen Jewellery have many years’ experience in dealing with, selecting and grading diamonds. Our expert advice can help you make an excellent and informed decision about the diamonds you choose to purchase.

If you have any questions about conflict diamonds, the Kimberley Process or your diamond purchase, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.

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