Polish & Plate Policy

Larsen Jewellery offers a free annual polish & plate for the custom made jewellery made by us, subject to the terms and conditions below.

When a texture or patterned finish has been applied, the item can be rhodium plated (where relevant), but the free annual polish only covers the inside and/or plain areas. This applies to the following types of designs:

  • Items with hand engraved patterns or fingerprints.
  • Items with laser engraving.
  • Mokume metal with an acid etched surface.
  • Mill grain edges that run all the way around a ring.
  • Items with a heavily textured finish such as a bark finish.

Most polish & plate jobs can be done within a week to 10 days, however, it may take longer for complicated designs. Let us know if it is particularly urgent and we will try to accommodate your deadline.

The following items are not covered by our free annual polish & plate policy:

  • Items made of titanium, zirconium and similar metals.
  • Our range of ready-to-wear jewellery.
  • Items repaired or modified by someone other than Larsen Jewellery.
  • Items soldered or joined onto a non-Larsen Jewellery item. 

Our free annual polish & plate service involves a light polish of the metal surface which will remove light scratches, but it does not include a complete resurfacing of the metal to remove deeper marks and scratches, and it does not include other minor repairs (such as fixing or re-tipping damaged claws). A complete resurfacing of the metal would remove too much metal if done on a regular basis, which, over time, could compromise the integrity of your piece of jewellery. A more thorough resurfacing and other minor repairs can be done on request but will attract a charge.

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