White Gold vs Platinum

When designing your jewellery, colour is often one of the first things people consider. Generally your preference for yellow, rose or silver coloured metal is decided long before it comes to choosing an important piece of jewellery like your engagement and wedding rings.

If your preference is white, there is another choice to make and that is to decide between White Gold and Platinum. They are quite different metals with different properties, this sometimes means a particular design is better made in one metal over the other. Our jewellers work with these metals every day and if your design lends itself to a particular choice, we will be happy to give you our guidance.

One question our jewellers are frequently asked is “which is the better metal between White Gold and Platinum?” The answer is not so simple. They both have their advantages and disadvantages and design choice can play a big part in selecting a particular metal.

Platinum is inherently stronger than white gold and is recommended if your design is very fine. The density of Platinum means it wears away more slowly than White Gold and delicate details will be less fragile. Whilst its density can offer many benefits, it also has a few drawbacks. Platinum is a very malleable metal, and as a result it loses it polish quite quickly and square edges will begin to round off. In contrast, White Gold maintains it polish for longer and is often a better choice if your design has square edges, an engraved surface or bevelled details.

Another separating factor is colour. While Platinum is a naturally white metal, gold is naturally yellow and White Gold is made white by alloying it with other metals such as Palladium. Because of the yellow metal content, White Gold is slightly grey in colour. This can be corrected by a surface treatment called Rhodium plating. Rhodium plating is the application of a very thin layer of a metal called Rhodium that is electrically plated on to the surface of the white gold to change its colour. This plating wears off over time and needs to be reapplied. The plating can last around 3 years if you take good care of your jewellery.

The final consideration is cost, as Platinum is more expensive than White Gold. The difference can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on how heavy the piece of jewellery is. Keep in mind future purchases too, as we recommend matching the metal for your wedding and eternity rings to your engagement ring, which reduces wear and tear and ensures the colour will match perfectly.

If you would like more advice regarding which metal to choose, feel free to book an obligation free appointment with one of our jewellers to discuss which option suits your requirements better.

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