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Experience unparalleled artistry with our mokume wedding rings. These bands showcase mesmerising patterns, blending metals to symbolise the harmonious fusion of unique individuals. Explore this collection and more in our full range of wedding rings.

Experience unparalleled artistry with our mokume wedding rings. These bands showcase mesmerising patterns, blending metals to symbolise the harmonious fusion of unique individuals. Explore this collection and more in our full range of wedding rings.

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Andrew Buck
With little notice and a short timeline given, Georgia and the team at Larsen came through with the most beautiful ring. She said yes!!I would highly recommend.
Steven Johnson
Absolutely incredible craftmanship and service! I worked with Fleur from the Larsen team to create a custom-designed engagement ring. Both myself and my fiance were incredibly pleased with how it came out! Fleur sent across computer images of the ring design based on our consultation and the final product was exactly as pictured. Not only that, but Fleur worked with me to get international insurance on the ring and helped me to save on GST by getting all of the papers for the Tourist Refund Scheme (as I'm an American and was working in AUS). Would highly recommend Fleur and the Larsen team - the quality and service cannot be matched!
Kurtis Parle
Rachel was very helpful and provided fantastic service, my fiancé loves the ring! Definitely recommend Larsons.
Lewis Stanley
Wonderful Experience!What a fantastic business, from the customer service to the product everything was of the highest quality. Being an industry working on such precious moments everyone at Larsen's was incredibly warm and professional. Special thanks to Fleur who made the process so smooth and enjoyable - I 100% recommend.
Jack Kenyon
Very helpful and professional as well as warm and friendly. Recommended.
Leeroy Jenkins
Absolutely amazing service and jewellery- highly recommended!

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Find the Perfect Mokume Gane Wedding Ring

“With its enchanting swirl of precious metals, mokume gane makes for a truly unique wedding ring. This ancient Japanese art fuses contrasting metals together, creating a signature, wood-like pattern (the name roughly translates to ‘wood grain metal’) which is individual to each piece. 

Mokume gane wedding rings can be crafted from any combination of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and/or silver, with each variation creating one-off results. Our in-house team of expert jewellers will assist you in exploring the possibilities of this fascinating and beautiful technique. No matter what style you are hoping to incorporate this beautiful metalwork into, we’ll work with you to create a bespoke mokume gane wedding band that will last a lifetime.

Explore Our Mokume Gane Wedding Rings

Mokume Gane (pronounced mok–u–may) is an ancient Japanese technique where layers of contrasting metals are fused together and then forged and shaped. As the metal is worked the different colours are raised to the surface creating beautiful woodgrain-like patterns. Each pattern is unique in its own way, and you will never find two rings the same. Mokume can be made using white gold, yellow gold and/or rose gold in combination with silver.

The range of Mokume wedding bands shown on our website is only a small selection of what is possible, and we encourage you to come in and speak to one of our jewellers, who will help you choose a Mokume wedding ring that is perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We’re happy to answer them! 

What are mokume-gane wedding rings made from?

Mokume-gane is a technique rather than a particular metal. Precious metals – such as yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and silver – are stacked in layers, fused together with heat and skillfully shaped into the desired shape. The technique was developed in 17th century Japan, and creates a swirling appearance, similar to a wood grain, that is completely unique to each mokume-gane ring.

What is the difference between damascus and mokume-gane in wedding rings?

Damascus and mokume-gane are two different metalworking techniques with results that appear similar, but are actually quite different, specifically in the materials used. Damascus (which is often referred to as damascus steel) uses metals containing iron such as steel, while mokume-gane uses non-ferrous metals (i.e. not containing iron), usually precious metals, such as gold and silver.

How much does a mokume-gane wedding ring cost?

Examples of our classic styles of mokume-gane wedding rings are available on our website, with prices listed on each product page in the range, If you're hoping to create a different design in this style, the prices of bespoke rings will depend on factors such as the precious metals and gemstones used. For customised pieces, we recommend requesting a consultation with our jewellers, who will be able to provide more accurate pricing for what you are envisioning.

What are the patterns in a mokume-gane wedding ring?

The iconic pattern of mokume-gane is similar to that of a wood grain. However, due to the nature of the production process, each mokume-gane piece is inherently unique and no two patterns are exactly the same. This means that all ready-to-wear and custom mokume-gane rings are truly one-off pieces.

Are mokume-gane wedding rings popular?

Mokume-gane wedding rings are increasingly desirable for their eye-catching patterns and individuality. The technique has become popular with those searching for a unique expression of love or a piece that is truly individual.

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