Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are a symbol of unending love. Also known as infinity or celebration rings, these are the perfect gift for anniversaries or milestone celebrations.

Eternity rings are a symbol of unending love. Also known as infinity or celebration rings, these are the perfect gift for anniversaries or milestone celebrations.

A collection of unique and classic diamond encrusted eternity rings in white gold and platinum

Explore our range of diamond and gemstone eternity rings in our product gallery, or work with one of our jewellers to create your own custom design.

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Exceptional Service  ·  Quality Craftsmanship

Here at Larsen, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality jewellery that can be treasured for a lifetime. Experience our personal service from experienced jewellers who listen to your ideas and provide knowledge, guidance and advice throughout the process. We are committed to providing service with integrity, transparency and inclusiveness.

A row of bespoke eternity rings that are custom made to fit with your engagemnt and wedding ring.

Bespoke Eternity Rings

Larsen Jewellery specialises in custom made eternity rings, including any combination of metals and gemstones. Draw inspiration from our custom gallery, view samples in our studio or bring in your own ideas and pictures. Whether you want to choose from one of our classic styles or to create something completely unique, Larsen Jewellery can make an eternity ring to suit any style and budget.

Australian Made with a Lifetime Guarantee

Larsen Jewellery is proudly Australian owned. All our eternity rings are made in our local studios in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, by our own in-house, expert jewellers. We hold our work to the most stringent quality control checks and adhere to strict structural standards to ensure every Larsen piece can withstand a lifetime of wear.

An expert jeweller creating a custom eternity ring in our local jewellery studio

Here at Larsen Jewellery, we care about our impact through each step of the supply chain. We are one of the only jewellers in Australia that is licenced to offer a Fair Trade Gold option for your eternity ring.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are proud to become Australia’s first jeweller to have gone completely carbon neutral with a certification from the Carbon Reduction Institute. Find out more about our commitment to sustainability.

What Our Customers Say

After attending several jewellery stores in shopping centre, I was not feeling confident as they consistently called almost daily after the visit. after speaking to a client I was referred to Larsen's.I went into larsens and was greeted by John.he mentioned that normally clients need to book for a visit and was very busy but still managed to fit me in.After having a 30 minuet consult with John we spoke about a few designs and ideas for the perfect Engagement no point did I ever feel forced or obligated to purchased a ringas I had at previous stores.John was very patient event tho his day was already booked out.I would highly recommend John and Larsens Jewellery for their expert knowledge, professionalism and excellent customer service .
James Wright
James Wright
04:56 19 Jun 22
I purchased my fiancé’s beautiful ring during the late 2021 lockdownsChris was there from the start and guided me along the journey from choosing the perfect stone to perfecting the rose gold ring. Because of lockdowns in NSW, we communicated via emails and phone calls.I constantly bombarded Chris with my endless questions and concerns, and he answered everything with transparency and ease — I felt supported and calm. I’ve very appreciative to Chris and the team for going above and beyond in crafting the ring my fiancé LOVES so much.Well done to the Larsen team and I can’t wait to come back in to design our wedding bands and chat to our mate Chris again :)
Johnny L
Johnny L
04:55 17 Jun 22
From the very beginning the staff were helpful and accommodating. They never rushed us to make a decision, quite the opposite as they were patient and wanted to help us explore all the options.They are extremely knowledgeable and set a very high standard for themselves which is reflected in their professionalism as well as the quality of their work.They were genuinely friendly and they didn't try to push a sales pitch.Most importantly, they were said from the very beginning that the engagement ring and wedding rings were our rings and we had to be 100% happy with our choices so asked what style and designs interested us and worked towards providing what we were wanting, not what they wanted to sell.Happiest customers EVER, thank you Larsen Jewellery
Simon de Silva
Simon de Silva
04:53 11 Jun 22
Alex and the whole team at Larsen were incredible. Given I was wanting to surprise my now fiancee it was a bit stressful the idea of getting it wrong. But Alex was a tremendous help, took the time to explain every detail and was extremely knowledgeable. The whole process was seamless and so well communicated. Plus she said yes so thanks Alex and the team at Larsen!
13:47 08 Jun 22
Natasha Rontziokos
Natasha Rontziokos
01:52 06 Jun 22
Jacinta was caring and provided faultless service and a beautiful piece of jewellery. We’ll be back. Thanks!
Benjamin Birgan
Benjamin Birgan
22:18 05 Jun 22

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We’re happy to answer them! 

What does an eternity ring symbolise and when is it given?

Eternity rings, also known as infinity rings, are traditionally made with a continuous line of diamonds along the band to symbolise unending and continuous love for eternity.
An eternity ring is traditionally a gift for the first anniversary; however, the tradition extends to any major anniversary, significant milestone or life event. These days, eternity rings are also commonly given as a gift to a mother after the birth of a child.

How is an eternity ring traditionally worn?

Eternity / infinity rings are traditionally worn on the same finger as the wedding and engagement ring, with the wedding ring on first and the eternity ring on last. Another growing trend for eternity rings is to wear it on the other hand or a different finger as it’s own statement piece. Some choose to start a stacking set with different eternity rings representing different milestones. This tradition is ever evolving and there are no set rules. Here at Larsen we encourage you to wear your rings however they mean most to you.

What is a half eternity ring?

A half eternity or half infinity ring is a version where the diamonds line the top half of the band only. This is a great choice for those on a budget or who wish to make their ring more comfortable to wear.

Can I have an eternity ring custom made?

Absolutely! We can make any style of eternity ring you can imagine. The best thing about creating a bespoke ring just for you is that we can make something that is truly personal and symbolic of the milestone you wish to celebrate. Contact a studio in Sydney and Melbourne to speak with a jeweller about your ideas.

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