Jewellery Care

Harsh chemicals such as chlorine, bleach and other household cleaning products can damage your fine jewellery by causing the finish and polish to deteriorate and will leave your precious stones lacklustre and dull. This can be avoided with regular cleaning. Other things to avoid are hairspray, nail polish remover and even excessive perspiration.

To care for your diamonds, soak in warm water and dishwashing detergent whilst scrubbing behind the stone using a soft bristle brush. Rinse well in warm water to remove residues and let dry.

To care for your pearls, wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth after each wear to remove skin oils, perfume residue etc.

When removing your jewellery be sure to store it in the protective pouch or box provided at purchase. It’s important to store all precious items of jewellery separately to avoid them being scratched or damaged by other items.

When engaging in housework or sports, be sure to remove your jewels to avoid losing them or damaging them on rough surfaces. It’s also best to avoid wearing rings when cleaning, gardening, performing sports activities and showering.

Important: The best way to ensure your precious jewellery item lasts forever is it have it serviced annually by a professional jeweller. This involves a thorough inspection of the setting and a good clean and polish. White gold items will also require Rhodium plating to maintain its bright, white finish.


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