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Kevin, Manager & Head Jeweller 

I started a jewellery apprenticeship when I was 15 years old. I have loved the journey it has taken me on, which I never expected it to do. I have been fortunate to not only work on some amazing pieces here in Australia but also abroad. I have been a finalist and made many award winning pieces for Australian and international design awards. After some time in London, working with some major fashion labels I was based in Greece, teaching jewellery at a fine art college in Athens. My favourite jewellery piece is an antique Tibetan amulet. I like it so much because we still use the same techniques now to how it was made so long ago.

Nicole, Jewellery Designer

I joined the Larsen team in September 2014, following my big move from Ireland all the way to Sydney, Australia. I began my career in 2004 at The Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, where I studied my 3 year Bachelor of Arts Honour’s Degree in silver smithing and jewellery design. Following this I moved back to my hometown on the north coast of Ireland, to work as a jeweller for the next 7 years. My inspiration comes from the beauty I see all around in love and nature. What I love most about my line of work is being able to be a part of such a special moment in people’s lives. Being able to share that memory with couple’s who are so very much in love, from their initial engagement right through to their wedding day. This makes my job a very happy and rewarding one indeed. My favourite piece of jewellery is my 18ct Gold Abacus Pendant – brought back to me from China as a gift from my grandparents when I was a small child. I only started to wear it recently when I found it in an old drawer as I was relocating to Australia. It’s funny how these things become more treasured as we become older.

Rebecca, Jeweller

I’ve always been interested in jewellery, having a father as a jeweller I would often look at his pieces in awe of its beauty and intricacy. After leaving New Zealand for the UK, my search for an apprenticeship began. I soon found myself working for one of Scotland’s most respected antique jewellers, in a customer service and sales role. I found my time there inspiring being surrounded by a stunning array of opulent stock rich in history, surrounded and being around encyclopaedic knowledge of antique gems. After doing a full-time apprenticeship and training part-time at Enmore Design College, I was honoured with ‘Apprentice of the Year’ award alongside the ‘People’s Choice’ Award. I’ve now been in the jewellery industry for the past eight and a half years. Joining Larsen Jewellery in 2013, I have since had the privilege of working alongside some of the best jewellers in Australia. I recently became qualified in ‘Practical Diamond Grading’, with the hope of also studying Gemmology in the future. The most precious piece of jewellery I own would be a diamond ring I inherited from my Nana, which I wear each day in loving memory of her.

Daniel, Jeweller

When I was 12 I decided that jewellery was going to be what I did when I grew up, somehow the ephemeral beauty of symbolic union captivated me, and naturally in the years following I set out in the arts. I would paint murals, airbrush cars, enter exhibitions, and I worked at a few jewellers around the city of Adelaide, until finally I completed my BA in visual arts and applied design in 2009. I won numerous exhibit prizes and merits, and I was runner up in the Johnsen Matheys next generation jewellery design competition. My passion was initially driven from a keen interest in jewellery fabrication techniques, however I have grown into the culture of its meaning and now profoundly respect jewellery’s innate capacity to hold significance, respect, and unity. My most prized piece of jewellery is the first gold pendant I ever made, it is the benchmark of my beginning, and a steady reminder of my progress both technically and emotionally throughout my career.

Fiona, Gemmologist & Studio Assistant 

I was captivated and drawn into the world of gems in high school when I read an article about a jewellery appraiser. Fascinated, I researched further on how I could become a jewellery appraiser, of which led to gemmology. I went on to studying a bachelor of design, majoring in fashion design. After a few years working in the fashion industry and for luxury brands, in 2011 I decided to take a short online course with the GIA and realised that I still had immense interest in gemmology. In 2014 I moved to Hong Kong to complete the Graduate Gemmologist course full time on campus with the GIA in Hong Kong. After my studies I returned to Sydney and joined the Larsen Jewellery team. My favourite piece of jewellery is a dainty octagonal ring that I remade from sterling silver into 18ct white gold with diamonds. I love this ring because I can wear it on its own or stack it against other rings and the interesting shape.


Rod, Manager & Head Jeweller 

I am a qualified Jeweller with 35 years’ experience. I first started in the jewellery trade in Melbourne at the age of 17, learning to make opal jewellery. I am still very fond of the gemstone but my other favourite gemstones are Rubies and diamonds. I also have completed a course in diamond grading. I have been with the company since it first commenced in Melbourne in 2010. I am passionate about delivering our clients with exceptional quality pieces of jewellery that will be cherished for years to come, with the potential to become a family heirloom! My favourite piece of jewellery would be my wedding ring, made from an old antique wedding band of 16ct rose gold. I have a keen interest in searching for gold in its raw form and it’s this love of the natural raw form that I have reflected into my wedding ring, finished with a natural gold nugget appearance.

Pol, Jeweller & Assistant Manager

I have over 17 years’ experience in the jewellery industry. Starting as an apprentice learning several hand making techniques, I soon was managing workshops, guiding apprentices and jewellers alike. After running a trade workshop for 8 years, I continued my jewellery education with high end jewellery sales. I have now joined the Larsen team as Assistant Manager to oversee production and to further my knowledge of the industry. My favourite piece of jewellery is an award piece, which was featured in the JAA (Jewellery Association of Australia) awards when I was an apprentice. It’s a ladies necklace made in 18ct white and yellow gold, with diamonds and a marquise cut Parti sapphire.

Aaron, Jeweller & CAD Expert

I entered the trade in 2001 as an apprentice in country Victoria, and progressed through the trade to a fully qualified Jeweller in 2005, and joining the team at Larsen Jewellery in 2011. In the past few years I’ve used that grounding as a jeweller to transition to the computer-aided design side of the industry, fulfilling design requests from both our stores by producing photo-realistic CG rendering for clients. My favourite pieces of jewellery are my TAG Heuer watch, I’m never without it; and my palladium wedding band.

Jennifer, Jewellery Designer

I have been in the jewellery industry for over 13 years with a Bachelor of Arts – Jewellery Design from Curtin University in WA. I have extensive custom design experience as well as bench experience and diamond grading experience. I really enjoy helping my clients through the design process in order to create their perfect piece of jewellery; I encourage them to include beautiful details so the piece reflects their personal style. My favourite piece of jewellery is my wedding band. I made my wedding band with a very particular design in mind. It is definitely not your standard wedding band and I love that it is so personal.

Alex, Jeweller

I’ve been in the industry since starting my apprenticeship in Brisbane in 1998, where I was trained in both hand making and bespoke design. I have been a ‘Jewellers Association of Australia Design Awards’ finalist five times, and won the category of coloured gemstone in 2006. Jewellery is a family industry for me, and I am second generation as both a retailer and tradesman. After 17 years in my hometown I moved to Sydney in late 2014 to be a part of Larsen Jewellery. A little while afterwards I moved to Victoria and joined our Melbourne studio. I love creating jewellery for the individual, something that they and only they possess. I like to think out of the box but also have respect for the classic, often putting a modern twist on the tried and tested. My favourite piece is my black diamond ring I made for the 2014 JAA awards.

Jed, Jeweller

I discovered my creative spark at a very early in life and would spend countless hours making tiny creations out of anything and everything. It’s amazing what you can create with a vivid imagination. In 1994 at the age of 10, I discovered the jewellery trade while learning to cut and polish gemstones for my childhood hobby. From the moment I set foot in the workshop I knew this would be my passion in life. I received my jewellers certification in 2005 and in 2008 was nominated as a finalist for the National Jewellery Design Awards. After 15 years of jewellery design and creation, I still develop new techniques each day. I find innovative, unique styles and intense levels of detail to be the most captivating. Sophisticated and bold designs that portray character drive my inspiration. Jewellery design can be a very emotional journey and reflecting a client’s personality is a key element in designing a piece that will be adored for generations.
My favourite piece of jewellery is the 18ct rose and white gold cocktail ring I created for the jewellery design awards. It features a unique setting that embraces the fire and brilliance of the natural golden green/yellow Chrysoberyl, with flowing curves and a contrasting colour scheme, that highlights the tension set Champagne diamonds either side.

Sophie, Gemmologist & Studio Assistant 

I am a qualified gemologist and diamond expert, with a vast knowledge of diamonds and precious stones. I have been in the jewellery trade for 12 years, starting out by studying gemmology and jewellery design in 2005-2007 in Sydney. I also have a diploma in marketing and event management. After working in luxury sales for 6 years, I have a very strong sense of quality, design and attention to detail. I have also travelled to Paris for extensive training. My favourite piece of jewellery is my beautiful dress ring, which I wear each day. It is a snake design which wraps around my finger, in white and yellow gold. 

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