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Kevin, Manager & Head Jeweller 

I started a jewellery apprenticeship when I was 15 years old. I have loved the journey it has taken me on, which I never expected it to do. I have been fortunate to not only work on some amazing pieces here in Australia but also abroad. I have been a finalist and made many award winning pieces for Australian and international design awards. After some time in London, working with some major fashion labels I was based in Greece, teaching jewellery at a fine art college in Athens. My favourite jewellery piece is an antique Tibetan amulet. I like it so much because we still use the same techniques now to how it was made so long ago.

Francois, Assistant Manager & Senior Jeweller 

Being the current heir of three generations of traditional jewellery makers has given me the opportunity to grow up in a stimulating and inspiring environment, exposed to warm colourful gems and unique designs. Starting my jewellery journey at the young age of 14, I undertook different courses in order to satisfy my curiosity. Exploring a variety of techniques such as enamelling, diamond setting, diamond grading and embracing technology applied to jewellery with cad software. I like the concept of jewels as something meaningful that carries ancient traditions. Something to hand down through generations; a unique form of art. Born and raised in Rome, Italy, the importance of art history, both classical and renaissance is ingrained in my passion for design.

Nicole, Jewellery & CAD Designer

I joined the Larsen team in September 2014, following my move from Ireland. I began my career in 2004 at The Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, where I studied my 3 year Bachelor of Arts Honour’s Degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design. Following this I moved back to my hometown to work as a jeweller for the next 7 years. I recently became qualified in ‘Practical Diamond Grading’, with the hope of also studying Gemmology in the future. In the past year I’ve used my experience as a jeweller to transition to the Computer Aided Design department, fulfilling design requests from both our stores by producing 3 dimensional models and photo-realistic renderings for clients.  My favourite piece of jewellery is my gold abacus pendant, given to me as a gift from my grandparents as a small child.

Christopher, Jewellery Designer

I have had a genuine connect with jewellery from a very young age and often my afternoons after school were spent looking in jewellery shop windows, I am not sure what it was that initially drew me towards them, but I have always had a fine eye for detail and an exceptional sense of colour. I have now been involved in the Jewellery Industry coming up to 25 years, in which time I have worked across numerous departments of manufacturing jewellers from sales,  work shop manager, valuer to head designer for some of Australia’s leading jewellery houses. I am an accredited Diamond Grader with the Gemmological Institute of America and have been privileged to work under the guidance of the head designer for Van Cleef & Arpels, Mr Robert Aherens. I have been lucky enough throughout my career to design some amazing pieces with amazing diamonds career highlights include numerous ARGYLE Pink tender diamonds, a magnificent diamond necklace in which I designed so as it could be worn in six different configurations not only did it look spectacular but it was a feet of engineering at the same time and I was one of only three designers chosen to design jewellery for the VERSACE retrospective that toured the world in 2000. I would define my style as classical LUX with an Art Deco influence. The part about my job I enjoy most is the ability to genuinely connect with people and use my knowledge and experience in helping our clients with such a special piece of jewellery as their engagement and wedding rings and of course all the amazing coloured gems and diamonds that pass over my desk on any given day!

Daniel, Jeweller

When I was 12 I decided that jewellery was going to be what I did when I grew up, somehow the ephemeral beauty of symbolic union captivated me, and naturally in the years following I set out in the arts. I would paint murals, airbrush cars, enter exhibitions, and I worked at a few jewellers around the city of Adelaide, until finally I completed my BA in visual arts and applied design in 2009. I won numerous exhibit prizes and merits, and I was runner up in the Johnsen Matheys next generation jewellery design competition. My passion was initially driven from a keen interest in jewellery fabrication techniques, however I have grown into the culture of its meaning and now profoundly respect jewellery’s innate capacity to hold significance, respect, and unity. My most prized piece of jewellery is the first gold pendant I ever made, it is the benchmark of my beginning, and a steady reminder of my progress both technically and emotionally throughout my career.

Fiona, Studio Assistant 

A creative at heart, I studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Sydney’s College of Fine Arts (COFA). There I worked with multiple artistic mediums such as sculpture and ceramics, with Jewellery design as my major. Loving everything about the jewellery process, I continued my education by completing a Rhino CAD course, as well as travelling to the central highlands of Mexico to spend many months learning from a master silversmith in his jewellery school. This hands-on experience confirmed my passion and adoration for diamonds and gemstones, as we met with suppliers multiple times a week selling magnificent stones from all over the world. I love that I get to regularly indulge this passion by sourcing beautiful stones for our clients.


Rod, Manager & Head Jeweller 

I am a qualified Jeweller with 35 years’ experience. I first started in the jewellery trade in Melbourne at the age of 17, learning to make opal jewellery. I am still very fond of the gemstone but my other favourite gemstones are Rubies and diamonds. I also have completed a course in diamond grading. I have been with the company since it first commenced in Melbourne in 2010. I am passionate about delivering our clients with exceptional quality pieces of jewellery that will be cherished for years to come, with the potential to become a family heirloom! My favourite piece of jewellery would be my wedding ring, made from an old antique wedding band of 16ct rose gold. I have a keen interest in searching for gold in its raw form and it’s this love of the natural raw form that I have reflected into my wedding ring, finished with a natural gold nugget appearance.

Pol, Jeweller & Assistant Manager

I have over 17 years’ experience in the jewellery industry. Starting as an apprentice learning several hand making techniques, I soon was managing workshops, guiding apprentices and jewellers alike. After running a trade workshop for 8 years, I continued my jewellery education with high end jewellery sales. I have now joined the Larsen team as Assistant Manager to oversee production and to further my knowledge of the industry. My favourite piece of jewellery is an award piece, which was featured in the JAA (Jewellery Association of Australia) awards when I was an apprentice. It’s a ladies necklace made in 18ct white and yellow gold, with diamonds and a marquise cut Parti sapphire.

Aaron, Jeweller & CAD Expert

I entered the trade in 2001 as an apprentice in country Victoria, and progressed through the trade to a fully qualified Jeweller in 2005, and joining the team at Larsen Jewellery in 2011. In the past few years I’ve used that grounding as a jeweller to transition to the computer-aided design side of the industry, fulfilling design requests from both our stores by producing photo-realistic CG rendering for clients. My favourite pieces of jewellery are my TAG Heuer watch, I’m never without it; and my palladium wedding band.

Elissa, Jewellery Designer

I have been working in the jewellery industry for 14 years. My passion for jewellery started at a very young age making beaded jewellery. Once I finished high school I began a Bachelor of Fine Art Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT before completing my jewellery making apprenticeship and diamond grading certificate. I love helping my clients design the perfect engagement ring, I feel very privileged to be involved in such a special time in their lives. My favourite piece of jewellery is my engagement ring which I designed myself.

Alex, Jeweller

I’ve been in the industry since starting my apprenticeship in Brisbane in 1998, where I was trained in both hand making and bespoke design. I have been a ‘Jewellers Association of Australia Design Awards’ finalist five times, and won the category of coloured gemstone in 2006. Jewellery is a family industry for me, and I am second generation as both a retailer and tradesman. After 17 years in my hometown I moved to Sydney in late 2014 to be a part of Larsen Jewellery. A little while afterwards I moved to Victoria and joined our Melbourne studio. I love creating jewellery for the individual, something that they and only they possess. I like to think out of the box but also have respect for the classic, often putting a modern twist on the tried and tested. My favourite piece is my black diamond ring I made for the 2014 JAA awards.

Kirra-lea, Jeweller

I have been in love with making jewellery for over 10 years. My visual arts education allows me to bring a lot of creativity and innovation to my jewellery designs. During my apprenticeship I entered the DGA (Diamond Guild of Australia) design awards in 2013 and 2015, winning my category the first year and placed as finalist the next. With my fine jewellery training and my artistic background I am capable of making wearable art that is beautiful, practical and durable. My favourite piece of jewellery is my wave ring “Terribilis Unda” made for the 2015 DGA design awards; I was inspired by the Japanese painting “The Great Wave” .

Ben, Jeweller

Having started my apprenticeship when I was 15, and just reached my 30th year in the trade, I have experienced and applied many forms of the trade from the very traditional to the latest and most up to date trade techniques. The art of making jewellery continues to fascinate me and to use those skills on a daily basis to manufacture a piece for a client is always satisfying. I have made and repaired all forms of Jewellery from classic everyday pieces to very artistic, high end, bespoke designs, using all matter of precious materials and gems to create these pieces. I have even restored some antique Australian heritage pieces for the West Australian Arch Bishop of the Anglican Church. I generally like the challenge of doing something that is a little different. Although I don’t have one single piece of jewellery that is a favourite of mine, there are quite a few that stay special to me for reasons of challenge, sentimentality or sheer beauty of design.

Rachel, Studio Assistant 

I have been working in the jewellery industry since 2013, I begun manufacturing costume jewellery in Queensland and Victoria however my passion has always been in custom made fine jewellery. Having completed my Retail Diamond Consultant course I have a strong interest in diamonds and also coloured gemstones, especially in sapphires. My favourite piece of jewellery is a beautiful hand carved Cameo pendant gifted to me by mother.

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