After Sale Service

Complimentary Annual Clean and Inspection

Larsen Jewellery offers a complimentary annual ultrasonic clean and inspection service for all our custom-made jewellery and Signature designs. As part of the inspection we will check the setting of any gemstones to make sure that they are secure.

You are required to make an appointment when dropping off your piece of jewellery at one of our studios. We would advise you to schedule the drop off on a weekday as availability on Saturdays is limited.

We usually need you to leave your piece of jewellery with us for 5 to 10 business days for any services. In some limited cases, and at our sole discretion, we will be able to undertake a clean and inspection of your piece over the course of a few hours on the day of your appointment.

The following items are not covered by our complimentary annual service.

  • Our range of ready-to-wear jewellery.
  • Items repaired or modified by someone other than Larsen Jewellery.
  • Items soldered or joined onto a Larsen Jewellery item, even if this work has been carried out by Larsen jewellery.
  • Any jewellery with damage caused by the client that prevents us from offering this service.
A jeweller inspects a diamond engagement ring
A jeweller polishing an 18ct gold wedding ring

Other Services

Polishing, rhodium plating or repairs to your jewellery will usually require 5 to 10 business days. We will advise you of the cost and timing in advance of carrying out these services.

To keep your jewellery looking brand new, we recommend polishing/plating your piece between once every 12 months to 3 years, depending on how you wear your piece.

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