Finger Size & How to Size a Ring

Discover your perfect fit with Larsen Jewellery’s Finger Size Guide. Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring or a beautiful piece of jewellery, our expert sizing tips and comprehensive guide will help you find your ideal ring size.

Finger Size & How to Size a Ring

Discover your perfect fit with Larsen Jewellery’s Finger Size Guide. Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring or a beautiful piece of jewellery, our expert sizing tips and comprehensive guide will help you find your ideal ring size.

A guide to measuring the right size for your custom made ring.

Measuring someone’s finger or ring size can be tricky, especially if you want to purchase an engagement ring as a surprise or choose a gift for someone. At Larsen Jewellery, our custom-made rings come with a complimentary resize which can be used within 4 weeks of collection. (It is important to note that some designs are excluded. See details here). Even with this in mind, it is worth taking a look at our ring size chart and doing a little bit of research to see if you can find out the ring size first, or at least, make a close guess.

The most accurate thing you can do is to come into our studio and allow one of our jewellers to measure your finger, however, we know this is not an option for everyone so here are our helpful tips for sizing someone else’s finger, or your own!

1. Find a ring that fits

Perhaps you have access to a ring that is the correct size, whether it is an existing ring that you already own or one that belongs to a friend or family member. Roll up a small piece of paper, slide the roll through the ring and mark the overlap with a pen. This will then be used to measure the inner circumference of the ring to help us get the exact finger size. With a ruler, measure the length of the paper and use the ring size chart below to determine the ring size. Please also send us a photo of the ring you measured as the style and width of the band can play a part in how we determine the correct size. Ideally, the ring you measure should be a perfect fit on the same finger you want the new ring to fit on. If the ring you find is not worn on the actual finger, or it is a bit tight or loose, please mention this to help us estimate the best ring size.

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Find a ring that fits

2. Email us a photo of the person who will wear the ring

Believe it or not, this usually gets a fairly accurate result. We measure people’s fingers every day and we’re pretty good at guessing the perfect ring size from the right photo. Have a look through your phone or social media and see if you can find a photo of your loved one that includes their hands. Now, this won’t work if it’s a photo of just their hands, something from a bit further away that includes their face is ideal. If you also give us an indication of their height and approximate dress size, we can do the rest.

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Wearing a Larsen Jewellery Ring

3. Use our printable ring size chart & guide

Download our Printable Larsen Ring Size Guide PDF. This guide includes a to scale measuring device that will help you to establish the correct ring size. This is a great option for measuring the right ring size when your partner is part of the planning. We also have a ring size chart below that converts international sizes, in case you or your partner know their ring size in a different country.

  1. Simply print the document.
  2. Measure the 5cm guideline to ensure that the page has printed correctly. In the print dialogue box, print scaling must be set to ‘None’ or ‘Do not scale’.
  3. Cut out the ring sizer and carefully cut the slot on the wide end.
  4. Place the end of the ring size measuring tape through the slot to make a loop.
  5. Measure your ring size at the widest part of the finger, and ensure you can slide the ring on and off. For some, this can be the knuckle or the base of the finger. In order to establish the proper ring measurement, you need to ensure the paper tape measure has been pulled taut and is not sitting loosely.

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Finger Size & How to Size a Ring​
Play Video about Finger Size & How to Size a Ring​

4. International ring finger size conversion chart

Use the universal ring size chart below to convert ring sizes from different countries. Women’s rings and men’s rings are measured on the same scale. This ring size chart converts the inside diameter measurement as well as the inside circumference measurements. This is a handy guide that includes all standard ring sizes and half size measurements too.

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Australia & UK US France Japan Germany Internal Diameter (mm) Internal Circumference (mm)
A 12 37.69
A 1/2 12.25 38.48
B 1 1 12.5 39.26
B 1/2 12.7 39.89
C 1 1/2 12.88 40.46
C 1/2 41 13 13.08 41.09
D 2 2 13.25 41.6
D 1/2 42 13 1/2 13.45 42.25
E 2 1/2 43 3 13.7 43.03
E 1/2 13.87 43.57
F 3 44 4 14 14.09 44.26
F 1/2 14.28 44.86
G 3 1/2 45 5 14 1/2 14.48 45.49
G 1/2 6 14.68 46.11
H 4 46 7 14.88 46.74
H 1/2 15 15.11 47.46
I 4 1/2 47 8 15.27 47.97
I 1/2 48 15 1/2 15.48 48.63
J 9 15.7 49.32
J 1/2 5 49 15.88 49.88
K 50 16 16.07 50.48
K 1/2 5 1/2 10 16.24 51.01
L 51 11 16 1/2 16.5 51.83
L 1/2 6 12 16.68 52.4
M 52 16.88 53.03
M 1/2 6 1/2 13 17 17.11 53.75
N 53 17.31 54.38
N 1/2 17 1/2 17.49 54.94
O 7 54 14 17.72 55.66
O 1/2 18 17.92 56.45
P 7 1/2 55 15 18.12 56.92
P 1/2 18.29 57.45
Q 8 56 16 18 1/2 18.52 58.18
Q 1/2 57 18.7 58.74
R 8 1/2 17 18.88 59.31
R 1/2 58 19 19.11 60.03
S 9 59 18 19.29 60.6
S 1/2 19 1/2 19.5 61.26
T 60 19.71 61.92
T 1/2 10 61 20 20 19.9 62.51
U 21 20.12 63.2
U 1/2 10 1/2 62 22 20.27 63.68
V 63 20 1/2 20.5 64.4
V 1/2 11 64 23 20.68 64.96
W 20.87 65.56
W 1/2 11 1/2 65 24 21 21 65.97
X 21.25 66.75
X 1/2 66 21 1/2 21.44 67.35
Y 12 25 21.65 68
Y 1/2 67 21.88 68.73
Z 12 1/2 68 26 22 22 69.11
Z + 1/2 22.26 69.93
Z + 1 13 69 27 22 1/2 22.48 70.62

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We’re happy to answer them! 

Can I measure my ring size at home?

Yes, you sure can! While it is best to visit one of our studios to have your ring size measured by one of our expert jewellers, you can also measure at home by using our Printable Larsen Ring Size Guide.

Why does my engagement ring feel tighter in summer?

If you wear a ring or rings every day, they may seem to fit differently from season to season. This is because humidity and air temperature can change your finger size, making your ring seem looser or tighter than usual.

This is most noticeable on the warmest days in summer, when your fingers are at their largest due to swelling and your ring may feel tighter, or on the coldest days in winter, when your fingers are at their smallest and your ring may feel like it fits more loosely than usual.

How are ring sizes measured in Australia?

In Australia, ring sizes are represented by letters of the alphabet, on a scale from A to Z+. There are also half sizes in between each letter.

You can convert your finger size from other scales by using our ring size chart, or by measuring the diameter of the finger in mm and comparing it to the Australian ring size scale.

Can you change the size of a ring?

Yes, most rings can be resized. However, there are some exceptions to this, such as titanium bands. Some rings may also be more complex to resize than others and resizes can vary in cost depending on the size of a ring and how much it needs to be resized.

Is there an average finger size?

Finger size and best ring fit varies from person to person, so it’s best to work with your individual size rather than relying on averages.

However, generally speaking, the average finger size for women is around a size L (16.5mm diameter) or M (16.88mm diameter), and the average finger size for men is around a size T (19.71 mm diameter) or U (20.12mm diameter).

Can your finger size change?

Yes! Your finger size can change for a whole range of different reasons. For example, your finger size may change when you are pregnant. Weight gain or loss, certain health conditions, and even changes in climate can all contribute to a change in finger size.

I have just been proposed to and my engagement ring doesn’t fit correctly. What do I do?

This can often happen when an engagement ring is a surprise, and sometimes even if you did have your finger measured beforehand!

If the size of your ring is only slightly tight or loose, we recommend wearing it for a couple of weeks, to make sure it does need to be resized. This is because your fingers will change slightly in size throughout the day and in warmer or cooler weather. If you are not used to wearing something on your ring finger, it is best to be sure that it really is the wrong size. It isn’t advisable to resize a ring several times.

If your ring is much too tight or loose, or you decide you really would like the fit adjusted, don’t worry! We offer the first resize free for most engagement rings that we have made, so get in touch with us and our experienced jewellers will be able to assist.

I don’t know her finger size, what shall I do?

If she wears a ring on her right hand ring finger, we can work out the size if you can sneak it in to us. Alternatively, you can try her ring on your finger and see where it fits. Or you can get a girlfriend to ask discreetly if she has ever had her finger sized. You could also draw around the inside of a ring, or tie a piece of string around her finger. These methods are not exact, but can give us a good idea. Even if it is not the perfect fit the first time, we include one free resize with our engagement rings to alleviate any problems. Please see our Re-size Policy for further details.

A guide to measuring the right size for your custom made ring

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