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Discover elegant simplicity with our plain wedding bands that reflect the classic beauty of a love that stands the test of time. Explore this collection and more in our full range of wedding rings.

Discover elegant simplicity with our plain wedding bands that reflect the classic beauty of a love that stands the test of time. Explore this collection and more in our full range of wedding rings.

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Had a good experience getting custom wedding bands made here. Great service and great craftsmanship.
Thank you Jacinta for assisting us throughout the process of having our wedding bands created. You were very easy to deal with and we were pleased with the quality of the bands.
Great jewellery. Have bought engagement and wedding rings. Customised for my wife and I. Service and products are excellent
Julian Smith
Larsen is fantastic. I went there for an engagement ring and was very impressed with everything. The showroom is beautiful, the team (especially Rachel) are knowledgeable and very helpful throughout the design and crafting process. The timelines were met with no issues and the price was very competitive compared to other reputable jewelers. The ring is stunning - very professionally crafted. My fiancé loves it and I couldn't have asked for anything else with the design. Will definitely be back. Thank you!
Tyler Wilson
They did an amazing job with my proposal - customer service was stellar, can’t thank you enough Rachel - they love the ring 💖
Camila Sanchez
Larsen jewellery was amazing in designing and creating a stunning engagement ring. Big thank you to Soukata who was extremely accommodating, knowledgeable, friendly and made the process of designing a ring enjoyable. We will be back for our wedding bands real soon. Thank you so much again!
Mack Li

Meet the talented team at Larsen Jewellery who turn your ideas into stunning pieces.
With decades of hands-on experience, our creative team are leading the way in Australian jewellery craftsmanship.

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Five unique wedding rings designed by Larsen jewellery

Help Me Choose The Right Wedding Ring

Not sure where to start? Our talented jewellers can walk you through everything you need to know in a 1-on-1 consultation, or you can read our helpful wedding ring guide online.

Find the Perfect Classic Wedding Ring

The understated design of a plain wedding band allows the purity of the metal to take centre stage, creating a simple yet sophisticated symbol of your union. Crafted with precision, our plain bands are available in platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, catering to individual preferences. With Larsen Jewellery, you have the assurance of quality craftsmanship and a commitment to creating timeless pieces. Create a lasting and meaningful representation of your commitment with a plain wedding band that showcases the essence of your love with refined simplicity.

Explore Our Classic Wedding Rings

A style as endless as time itself, the classic wedding band will never go out of fashion. At Larsen Jewellery we offer an extensive variety of classic designs, and even a simple band can feature unique details. With your choice of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum, as well as different finishes such as high polish, matte finish or textured, you will be able to find the classic design that most suits your style. You can even have a secret message engraved on the inside of your band.

Our range of classic wedding rings shown on our website is only a small selection of what is possible.  We encourage you to come in and speak to one of our jewellers, who will help you choose a design that is perfect for you. Whether you choose to make your wedding rings yourselves in our Wedding Ring Experience or have one of our team of jewellers make them for you, you can be assured your rings will be made to the highest quality, and will be as unique as your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We’re happy to answer them! 

What metal can I choose for a plain wedding ring?

Larsen Jewellery offers a selection of metals for plain wedding rings, including platinum, gold, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Each metal provides a distinct aesthetic, allowing couples to choose the material that resonates with their style.

Do I have to come to our studio to buy a plain wedding ring?

While visiting our studio provides a unique, in-person experience, Larsen Jewellery also offers the convenience of online purchasing for plain wedding rings. Browse our collection, choose your preferred metal, and enjoy the simplicity of securing a timeless symbol of commitment from the comfort of your own space.

Can you add diamonds to a plain wedding band?

Yes, you can add diamonds to a plain wedding band. This customisation allows you to blend simplicity with subtle elegance, creating a wedding ring that perfectly reflects your style.

Is it better to have a plain wedding ring?

Choosing a wedding ring is a matter of personal preference. Plain bands offer timeless simplicity, while intricate designs offer a luxurious and unique aesthetic. The ring you choose ultimately depends on individual style and preferences.

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