Anniversary Stones

Find the traditional anniversary stone and precious metal associated with each wedding anniversary. The list below will help you choose the perfect anniversary gift.

1st AnniversaryGoldAlternative: Peridot
2nd AnniversaryGarnet 
3rd AnniversaryPearlsAlternate: Jade
4th AnniversaryBlue TopazAlternate: Blue Zircon
5th AnniversarySapphireAlternate: Pink Tourmaline
6th AnniversaryAmethystAlternate: Turquoise
7th AnniversaryOnyxAlternate: Yellow Sapphire, Beryl
8th AnniversaryTourmalineAlternate: Tanzanite
9th AnniversaryLapis LazuliAlternate: Amethyst, Green Spinel
10th AnniversaryDiamondAlternate: Blue Sapphire
11th AnniversaryTurquoiseAlternate: Ciliine, Yellow Zircon
12th AnniversaryJadeAlternate: Opal
13th AnniversaryCitrineAlternate: Moonstone, Hawk’s Eye
14th AnniversaryOpalAlternate: Agate, Bloodstone
15th AnniversaryRubyAlternate: Rhodolite Garnet, Alexandrite
16th AnniversaryPeridotAlternate: Red Spinel
17th AnniversaryWatchesAlternate: Carnelian
18th AnniversaryChrysoberylAlternate: Aquamarine
19th AnniversaryAquamarineAlternate: Almandine Garnet
20th AnniversaryEmeraldAlternate: Yellow or Golden Diamond
21st AnniversaryIolite 
22nd AnniversarySpinel 
23rd AnniversaryImperial Topaz 
24th AnniversaryTanzanite 
25th AnniversarySilver Jubilee 
30th AnniversaryPearl Jubilee 
35th AnniversaryEmerald 
40th AnniversaryRuby 
45th AnniversarySapphireAlternate: Cat’s Eye
50th AnniversaryGolden Jubilee 
55th AnniversaryAlexandrite 
60th AnniversaryDiamond Jubilee 
65th AnniversaryBlue Spinel 
70th AnniversarySapphire Jubilee 
75th AnniversaryDiamond Jubilee 
80th AnniversaryRuby Jubilee 

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