Morganite is a semi-precious coloured gemstone and is the rare pink form of beryl, a mineral family also including Emerald and Aquamarine.

They are commonly seen in ring designs displaying pastel pink shades and rose but are also found in darker and saturated tones of peach, orange and salmon. Nine times out of ten, the gem is heat treated to improve its colour. The result of heat treatment drives away any yellow tinge and impurities, helping to ensure it won’t fade over time.

Morganites are known as the universal stone of unconditional love.

Where are Morganites Found?

Initially discovered in Madagascar, morganites are now also sourced from Brazil and the United States.

How Much Does a Morganite Cost?

Morganites are available across a range of prices, starting anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, and could be a good alternative to a pink diamond. We recommend determining your budget first and start your journey from there. You’ll certainly be able to find a gorgeous stone without breaking the bank.


Is Morganite Suited for Everyday Wear?

Morganites measure 7.5 – 8 on the Moh’s Scale, the highest being a diamond with a rating of 10. They hold up remarkably well with general wear and tear, making the gemstone a leading diamond alternative.

Regarding metal choice, while yellow and white gold both suit a Morganite well but it’s hard to beat rose gold. This duo naturally go together like pancakes and maple syrup. Rose gold enhances the Morganite’s colour and intensity flawlessly, while also acting as a supporting background if the stone is a little transparent. Due to Morganites being relatively affordable, you may also like to treat yourself to some matching bridal jewellery such as a pair of earrings or a necklace!


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