Alex has been in the jewellery industry since starting his apprenticeship in Brisbane in 1998, where he was trained in both hand making and bespoke design. Alex has been a ‘Jewellers Association of Australia Design Awards’ finalist five times and won the category of coloured gemstone in 2006.  Jewellery is a family industry for Alex, as a second-generation retailer and tradesman. After 17 years working in his hometown, Alex moved to Sydney in late 2014 where he first joined the Larsen Jewellery team, before soon after relocating to the Melbourne studio.

Alex - Jewellery Designer

Alex loves creating jewellery specifically for an individual, something that they and only they possess. Alex is a creative person who likes to think outside of the box, but who also has a great deal of respect for the classics, often putting a modern twist on the tried and tested style techniques.

Alex’s favourite piece is his black diamond ring, which was made for the 2014 JAA awards.

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