Originally from Cairns, Rachel has always been drawn to colourful and creative things that are reminiscent of the reef and rainforest in her hometown. Inspired by her love of colour, she particulary enjoys incorporating vibrant gemstones and coloured diamonds to her designs.

Sydney Jewellery Designer - Rachel

Rachel was first introduced to the jewellery industry when she began working for a family jeweller on the Northern Beaches, whilst studying a degree in Psychological Science. It was here that she instantly fell in love with the bespoke jewellery process, and the concept that each piece of custom jewellery holds a unique story.

Passionate about both fairtrade gold and ethically and sustainably sourced gemstones, Rachel adores sourcing Australian-mined gemstones and coloured diamonds that are reflective of her client’s individuality, and has a self-confessed soft-spot for Pink Argyle and champagne diamonds!

Her serene and welcoming demeanour allows her to establish long-lasting rapports with each and every client, carefully crafting their unique story into a precious heirloom piece.

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