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September 27, 2010 / In The Media, Wedding Rings

What better way to make your wedding bands your own than by making them yourselves?  Larsen Jewellery lets couples get ‘hands-on’ in the creation of your very own wedding jewellery.  Modern Wedding had a chat to the owner Lars Larsen to find out more…

In two stylish workshops in The Strand Arcade in Sydney’s CBD and in Melbourne’s iconic GPO building, Larsen’s invites couples to unleash their jewellery-making talents.  Larsen Jewellery sets the scene with all the materials and facilities to create the perfect pair of wedding bands.  And under the close guidance of an experienced jeweller, the entire process is both surprisingly easy as well as highly unforgettable.

It takes about four hours to go from the design stage to having two beautifully crafted rings and the whole experience is fun, personal and unique.  Couples can design the rings in different shapes using a choice of yellow, white or rose gold, platinum or a combination of metals – it’s up to you.  It’s also possible to have precious stones added – although this is done by the qualified jeweller after you have made the plain rings.  For a distinctly unique touch you can melt down your own heirloom jewellery and redesign it to create something truly special.

Once you’ve decided on the material and a design for the rings – or fallen in love with one of the many popular designs Larsen Jewellery have on display, the fun really begins!  Together you melt your chosen metal and then mill and shape the rings.  A file, buff and polish later and you have a pair of shiny new friends and what better way to finish off than with a glass of bubbly to celebrate.

The result is two perfectly beautiful wedding bands that have been made by you.  And since everything is prepared under the close supervision of an expert jeweller, the final look and quality of the rings is uncompromised – the finished products are guaranteed to be of the highest standard.  Plus as the entire process is conducted according to traditional techniques and handcrafted with the highest quality metal alloys, the bands, along with your memories of the experience will last a lifetime.

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