The Larsen Proposal Ring

If you would like to propose to your partner, but aren’t sure what engagement ring to buy, a Larsen Proposal Ring might be the perfect solution. With a Larsen Proposal Ring you will be able to arrange a romantic surprise proposal where you present a ring, but without the stress of choosing the actual engagement ring, which you can choose afterwards together with your fiancé.

The proposal ring is a simple yet elegant sterling silver ring engraved with “Will You Marry Me” around the outside. As a beautiful reminder of your proposal, many people decide to keep wearing their proposal ring on another finger or around their neck on a chain.

With your proposal ring we will also include a bottle of fine sparkling wine to ensure you can celebrate such a special moment with your loved one. And for an extra little something sweet, we have also included some gourmet chocolates to enjoy.

Proposal ring featuring the words "Will you marry me?"

Here are a few reasons why a Larsen Proposal Ring might the right option for you:

  • You’d like to keep the proposal as stress free as possible. You’re already busy organising other elements of the proposal and don’t need the additional anxiety of finalising the most expensive and least returnable jewellery purchase you’ll most likely make.
  • You don’t feel comfortable picking the ring your partner will be wearing every day for the rest of their life without her input.
  • You may want to go abroad and can’t risk carrying such an expensive and significant piece of jewellery around, or you have a last minute trip planned and don’t have the time to choose the perfect ring.

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Proposal ring featuring the words "Will you marry me?"

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