Diamond Clarity

Clarity refers to the purity of a diamond and is determined according to the presence, or absence, of tiny impurities or blemishes on the surface or within a diamond. These imperfections are also known as inclusions.

Nearly all diamonds have some inclusions which are evidence of the natural evolution of the original diamond crystal. Inclusions can be likened to the fingerprint of the stone, as the size and position is different in every diamond and are indicators of a natural stone.

Clarity grades range from Flawless (FL), where under 10x magnification a diamond is completely free of inclusions, to Included 3 (I3) where diamonds possess large, heavy inclusions that are visible to the naked eye.

Though flawless diamonds are the rarest, a diamond does not have to be flawless to be stunning. Diamonds with VVS and VS Clarity grades represent excellent choices for both value and appearance. Even diamonds with an SI rating do not have inclusions that are visible to the naked eye and offer a more affordable option.

The Clarity grade is verified by an independent certificate that accompanies your diamond.


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