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Unique Engagement Rings

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I choose a unique engagement ring?

By choosing to create a unique ring design, you can design a ring that incorporates colours and themes that are especially chosen to suit you and your partner. A custom designed ring allows you to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind representation of your unique love. If you're looking for something more traditional, you can customise any of our classic engagement ring designs to make it uniquely perfect for you!

How do I pick a unique design for an engagement ring?

You can draw inspiration for unusual engagement rings from nature, favourite motifs and even from special interests or events. Designing a unique engagement ring is the perfect opportunity to create a ring that stands out from the crowd and has a special meaning. Browse our gallery for inspiration or discuss your ideas with one of our experienced jewellers.

What makes an engagement ring unique?

A unique engagement ring may be a slight variation on a classic design, or it could be crafted as a completely original style. Engagement rings can be inspired by vintage looks or contemporary designs. Some vintage features include halos, diamond clusters, and diamond-set shoulders. Contemporary engagement rings may have asymmetrical bands, clean lines, and unusual coloured stones.

Are non-traditional engagement rings popular?

As the range of engagement ring possibilities increases, such as unusual coloured stones and contemporary ring designs, we’re seeing an upward trend in unique and non-traditional engagement rings. With more options now than ever before, couples are choosing to design engagement rings that are tailored especially to their own tastes, or that hold significant symbolic meaning to them.

Does it cost more to have a unique engagement ring made?

Not necessarily. As all of our Larsen engagement rings are custom made, the cost will mostly depend on the materials required to make your dream engagement ring, and of course the intricacy of your design. Custom-made engagement rings don’t have to break the bank by any means.

Where can I have a unique engagement ring design made?

Our jewellery studios are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but we can also assist you by email and phone if you live in Perth, Adelaide or elsewhere.

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