Customer’s Own Gemstone Policy

It is possible to use your own gemstone(s) in a custom made piece of jewellery made by Larsen Jewellery, however we do charge a surcharge for using your own stone(s). We will need to inspect the stone(s) in person prior to confirming if it can be used, to ensure the condition of the stone(s) is suitable to be set. The surcharge covers the cost of insurance (against theft and damage) and general admin/handling whilst the stone is in the care of Larsen Jewellery.

Whilst breakages are uncommon, diamond crystals can break under enough pressure. Our jewellers will advise you if your gemstone or diamond presents any increased risk and will recommend the safest setting style for your stone. It must be understood, however, that Larsen Jewellery cannot guarantee that damage will not occur, and it is the responsibility of the customer to decide if resetting the stone is worth the risk involved. This should be taken into account with particularly fragile stones (anything that is not a sapphire or a diamond) or stones of sentimental value.

Larsen Jewellery takes the greatest care in the handling of customer’s own stones, but it is not responsible for any colour change of stones that are heat treated or fracture filled, etc. In the case of any other damage, Larsen Jewellery may offer a replacement stone (if a similar stone can be sourced) or to have the stone recut. Whilst every effort will be made to replace a damaged stone with something of an equivalent size and quality, we will always be limited by what material is available in the market (this is particularly relevant for rare shapes, sizes, colours and cuts). If a replacement stone is offered, the damaged stone will become the property of Larsen Jewellery.

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