Natalie’s roots in the jewellery industry go back generations. With years of knowledge and experience, Natalie brings designs to life with proficiency and bright vision. Combining her technical precision and creativity, Natalie’s artistic eye shines through when designing each engagement ring.

Sydney Jeweller - Natalie

Natalie’s affinity with jewellery began at a young age, following her parents around their fashion jewellery shops and market stalls, wearing everything she could and talking to the customers. After school she would sit with her parents around the dining table and assemble necklaces and earrings that would then be sold in their shops. After graduation, she explored a career in retail management but she was soon drawn back to designing and creating jewellery. Natalie completed an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design in Sydney and showcased her work at various contemporary jewellery exhibitions across Australia.

Natalie loves a romantic medieval aesthetic, paired with the beautiful decorative details of hand engraving. Natalie joined the Larsen team in 2010. 

“I have seen many beautiful pieces of jewellery come through our studio. The most satisfying part for me is being part of a significant process that connects a piece of jewellery to an individual’s personality, and as something that they will wear for life.”

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