Diamond Grading Certificates

December 27, 2010 / Diamond Education, Engagement Rings

Diamond grading certificates may vary somewhat from laboratory to laboratory, depending on the classification system, the presentation and the terminology used. However, most laboratories base their assessments on the same set of parameters and follow the same set of rules. The following is a list of the information contained in a typical Diamond Grading Certificate.

Date – Date of Issue

Certificate Number – Registered, recorded number

Description – Nature (Natural, Synthetic, Treated or otherwise)

Shape & Cut – Description of the Shape and Cut Style or Facet Design

Weight – (Round) Minimum to Maximum Diameter x Depth in Millimeters (Fancy) Length x Width x Depth in Millimeters

Clarity Grade – Clarity Grading (with reference to Clarity Grading Scale used – usually with an accompanying Diagram or ‘plot’)

Colour Grade – Colour Grading (with reference to Colour Grading Scale used)

Fluorescence – The strength and colour of any Fluorescence under UV Light

Height / Depth – Crown Height, Pavilion Depth and Total Depth, given as a percentage of the Average Diameter or Width

Table – Width of Table, as a percentage of the Diameter or Width

Girdle – Thickness of Girdle, relative to the size of the diamond and its condition (frosted, polished or faceted)

Cutlet – Size of Cutlet Facet (if any) relative to the size of the Diamond

Polish – Perfection of the diamond surface finish (recorded as a grade)

Symmetry – Uniformity of the overall shape together with the precision of the shape and alignment of the facets (recorded as a grade)

Comments – Any additional characteristics or other relevant information

Laser Inscription – Detail of any Laser Inscribed Brand Name, Logo or Number etc.

Light Performance – Light performance Image of Analysis sometimes provided

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