The Dangers of Buying Diamonds Online

Quite often we have people calling up comparing prices of diamonds, to diamonds they have seen on the internet. It is true that you can scroll through the internet and find diamonds that sound like a bargain. However, we always stress to our customers the importance of viewing a diamond before making your final choice. Diamonds are graded on their quality and priced accordingly. If a diamond sounds too good to be true then chances are it is. 
Why is it so important to view a diamond before making your final decision?
There are so many factors that determine a diamonds quality and each one of these play an important part. For example, if you have a diamond with a high colour such as D or E, but has a poor cut grading then your diamond will appear dull and lifeless and will therefore lack the brilliance you desire. It is also important to keep in mind that a diamonds quality is not just about the 4c’s. Many diamond experts and jewellers will agree that people are drawn to different stones for particular reasons. A diamond may sound fantastic on paper but when you view it in real life it may appear lifeless or just not the right stone for you. Remember there are many diamonds that may fit into the same parameters but only in real life that all factors, the four C’s and fluorescence will come into play. Wouldn’t you hate to purchase a diamond online and then to receive it and be overwhelmed with disappointment because it is not what you expected?
Consider the significance of purchasing a diamond…
A diamond is a significant purchase, in fact it is one of the most significant and sentimental purchases you will ever make. Consider this, would you ever purchase a house without viewing it first or would you purchase a car without test driving it first? The same should be said with diamonds. A diamond merchant or salesman can show you a range of diamonds, educate you between the difference between the 4c’s and allow you to look closely into each diamond with a 10 x magnification loop  to truly make sure you make an informed choice. It is also good to view a diamond under different lighting conditions to test its brilliance. A good jeweller / salesperson will never pressure you into making a choice, it is also very normal to make a few visits before making the final decision.
At the end of the end a diamond is for most a once in a lifetime purchase and with the horrific stories of people purchasing online and then receiving a diamond that is not at all what they expected it can be safely argued to ensure you are getting exactly what you want purchasing through a diamond merchant or directly through your jeweller is the safest option!

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