Birthstones have been used for centuries as a way to give good luck on ones’ birthday. Our birthstone chart below lets you identify the right stone for yourself or a loved one. Click on the links in the left-hand column for more detailed information about each month’s birthstones.

JANUARY BIRTHSTONEMalaya Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Modern Birthstone – Garnet

Traditional Birthstone – Rose Quartz

January Birthstone Meaning

Garnets symbolise love and friendship, they are also said to protect the wearer from bad karma.

Garnet comes in every colour of the rainbow, it’s bright, resilient and a great choice for jewellery.

Somehow, the garnet has gained notoriety as a low priced alternative to ruby but it is so much more than that. Some of the most sought after garnet varieties include the tsavorite garnet which is a breathtaking emerald green colour. The Malaya garnet which is a seductive peachy hue. You’ll also find Mali (yellow) garnets, Spessartine (orange) garnets, even purple and ultra-rare blue varieties.

FEBRUARY BIRTHSTONEHenna White Gold Engagement Ring

Modern Birthstone – Amethyst

Traditional Birthstone – Onyx

February Birthstone Meaning

Amethyst is said to be a healing and purifying gemstone protecting the wearer against negative influences and sadness.

Amethyst, the birthstone for February, is a purple coloured quartz variety. You may well have seen it displayed in its stunning geode form, some of which are big enough to stand inside.

Amethyst can be bright and clean or have a cloudy appearance. It is not an expensive gemstone and is available in many shapes and sizes. You can buy it as a faceted gem, beads, rough crystal, or polished into a cabochon cut.

Amethyst is a softer gemstone. It has a hardness of 6 on the Moh’s hardness scale which means it is quite easy to scratch. If you are wanting amethyst to be set into a ring, it shouldn’t be an everyday piece as you will need to wear it with care. Amethyst is a great choice for pendants or earrings, where there is less exposure to wear and tear.

MARCH BIRTHSTONEAndromeda White Gold Engagement Ring

Modern Birthstone – Aquamarine

Traditional Birthstone – Jade

March Birthstone Meaning

Aquamarine symbolises calm and tranquillity, it is said to quiet the mind and reduce stress.

The birthstone of March is Aquamarine. With an unmistakable, beautiful ocean blue colour, Aquamarines brighten up any jewellery design.

Aquamarine comes in a range of blue colours from light, to dark and also shades of blue-green.

Like many gemstones, Aquamarine has an interesting history. Rumoured to reawaken love, assist in fortune-telling and provide security for travellers. The Greeks and the Romans would wear aquamarine to protect themselves when crossing the sea. In the Middle Ages, it was considered to be the superior gemstone for fortune-telling and was cut into fortune-telling balls. One of the most popular beliefs in modern times is that aquamarine provides mental clarity.

Can I Set an Aquamarine into an Engagement Ring?

Aquamarines are not as durable as diamond or sapphire. In saying that, they do have a rating of 7.5 – 8 on the Moh’s hardness scale, still making them a fairly durable stone. Depending on the aquamarine you choose, it may not be ideal for an engagement ring. Your jeweller will be able to determine if a stone is right for your engagement ring.

The most attractive thing about the aquamarine is its affordability next to a diamond or even a sapphire. Aquamarines are stunning and will certainly not disappoint. Larsen Jewellery can source a range of beautiful aquamarines for you to choose from. We can help you come up with a unique custom-made piece for you or your loved one.

APRIL BIRTHSTONEHigh quality loose diamonds selected by Larsen Jewellery

Modern Birthstone – Diamond

Traditional Birthstone – Sapphire

April Birthstone Meaning

Diamonds are widely known to symbolise love and purity, they are also said to bring strength and good fortune to the wearer.

If you are born in April, your birthstone is diamond, the most desired of all gemstones. Diamonds are perfect for any type of jewellery and will always impress.

Diamond birthstone jewellery doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive jewellery. If you’re looking for a low priced birthstone gift, a piece of jewellery featuring a few smaller diamonds can be a great option. Some coloured diamonds are also very budget-friendly. Champagne or cognac coloured diamonds are well below the price of colourless varieties and can be equally as beautiful.

MAY BIRTHSTONEEve Platinum Engagement Ring

Modern Birthstone – Emerald

Traditional Birthstone – Chrysoprase

May Birthstone Meaning

Emerald is known as the stone of intuition and is also said to assist with fertility and good health.

Those born in May are blessed with the Emerald as a birthstone. Emeralds are up there with diamonds, sapphires and rubies as the most sought after gemstones. It is the exquisite vivid green colour of emeralds that makes people fall so in love with them. 

Emeralds have possessed a magical, desirable quality for thousands of years. Look through the history books and you will see their popularity as the stone chosen by many royals throughout the ages. Cleopatra’s love of emeralds is particularly well recorded. It isn’t only the natural beauty of an emerald that has made them so popular.

Like many other gemstones, the metaphysical qualities and folklore attached to them are fascinating as well. In some cultures, Emeralds bring the wearer good fortune and health, representing rebirth. 

Will I Find an Emerald Within my Budget?

Whether you have $1,000 or $100,000 to spend, it should be possible to find an emerald to suit your budget. A small emerald set into a yellow gold ring is a beautiful, classic and affordable choice for an emerald engagement ring.

JUNE BIRTHSTONEPearl and Diamond Earings

Modern Birthstone – Moonstone

Traditional Birthstone – Pearl

June Birthstone Meaning

Moonstone is said to be the stone of new beginnings promoting inner growth and soothing wild emotions.

If you are born in June, you really have two primary birthstones, moonstone and pearl

Moonstones are often featured in bohemian style jewellery and jewellery of the Art Nouveau or other vintage eras. Although they can be striking in precious jewellery, they are a softer gemstone so are not ideal for engagement rings. Moonstone jewellery should be worn with care as they are quite an easy gemstone to damage. 

Your Options for Pearl Jewellery

Pearls, interestingly, were one of the first embellishments to be used in jewellery and adornments by various cultures around the world. Why were they one of the first? The answer is that they were much easier to find and they are easy to prepare for jewellery purposes in comparison to other gemstones. The beautiful, desirable lustre of a pearl does not need cutting or polishing like most other gems.

Pearls are the only gemstone that grows in a living sea creature. Oysters create pearls as a natural reaction to detecting a foreign substance in their shell. Since the 1900s in Asia, pearls have been grown by inserting a nucleus into a living oyster. Over time the oyster would coat the nucleus with layers of nacre and a pearl would form in the exact same way a naturally occurring pearl would. Nowadays, the farming of cultured pearls is a large industry, especially in Australia and throughout Asia.

Like all gemstones, pearls are also believed to have metaphysical powers. In Ancient Chinese culture, it is believed that wearing pearls will protect the wearer from fire and dragons. Other cultures wore pearls as mourning jewellery as they were said to represent small tears.

No matter what your style is, there is a pearl to suit everyone. Select from natural, cultured, freshwater, saltwater or a stunning dark Tahitian pearl. Available in a range of colours, each one being completely unique, pearls truly make a perfect gift for your loved one. Whether in a ring, a pendant, earrings or something more extravagant, your options are endless and you will be sure to make your loved one happy!

Are Pearls Easy to Look After?

Yes! Keep the beautiful lustre of your pearls by avoiding any contact with harsh chemicals or cosmetics. Make sure your pearls are the last item that you put on and the first item you take off. Washing with mineral or distilled water and polishing with a soft cloth is the best way to clean pearls.

JULY BIRTHSTONEAffection White Gold Engagement Ring

Modern Birthstone – Ruby

Traditional Birthstone – Carnelian

July Birthstone Meaning

Ruby is a noble gemstone, worn by royalty for centuries, it is said to give energy and mental strength to the wearer.

If you are born in July, you are lucky to have ruby as your birthstone. Red is the colour of love, passion and romance so it is no wonder rubies are one of the most desirable and precious gemstones. This makes them the perfect choice of stone for a gift or engagement ring! Click here to view our range of ruby engagement rings.

Many cultures believe each type of gemstone will have various health benefits. It is said by many that rubies ward off danger and bring the wearer health, wealth and love. In ancient Sanskrit text, rubies were given the name ‘King of Precious Stones’.

What many do not realise is that rubies are technically a sapphire. Both sapphires and rubies come from the same gemstone family of corundum. Only the corundum gems that are beautiful rich pinks to deep reds in colour are fortunate enough to get the ruby label. Like sapphires, they have a hardness rating of 9 on the Moh’s hardness scale. 

Rubies come in the most beautiful shades of dark pinks, magentas, crimsons, and reds from all over the world. So, if you are lucky enough to be born in July, you must be worthy of wearing this precious stone!

AUGUST BIRTHSTONETourmaline Ring Dress Ring

Modern Birthstone – Peridot

Traditional Birthstone – Aventurine

August Birthstone Meaning

Peridot is said to have a calming effect on the wearer, reducing anxiety and promoting strength and vitality.

August, if you’re born during the last month of the Australian winter, you’re lucky to have peridot as your birthstone. This beautiful green gemstone reminds us that spring is right around the corner.

Peridot is a fantastic choice for earrings, dress rings and other jewellery. Unlike other gemstones that come in many colours, peridot only exists in the beautiful olive green that it is so famous for. Depending on the amount of iron present in each stone, the shade of olive green will vary from darker brownish greens to yellowish greens. The rich olive green is the most prized type of peridot.

Like many precious gemstones, peridot has an interesting history. Even though it is unclear where the name ‘peridot’ came from, its history goes right back to the Middle Ages. During this time, Peridot was worn to ward off evil spirits. It also continued to be one of the most popular gemstones during the Baroque period. 

For over 3000 years peridot mining operations took place on the island of Zabargad, also known as ‘St John’ in Egypt. This mine is the largest deposit of Peridot to date. There are also Peridot mines in Burma, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and there are deposits throughout Africa.

Many believe gemstones have healing properties, they believe peridot protects from respiratory illnesses. On top of this, it promotes love, truth and loyalty.

SEPTEMBER BIRTHSTONEGrace White Gold Engagement Ring

Modern Birthstone – Sapphire

Traditional Birthstone – Lapis

September Birthstone Meaning

Sapphire is said to bring abundance and good fortune, many believe it removes unwanted thoughts and improves concentration skills.

If you are born in September you are lucky to have the sapphire as your birthstone. Along with diamond, Sapphires are an ideal gemstone for engagement rings. Their hardness is just below diamond meaning they have the durability to stand the test of time. The best thing about sapphires is that there is one for everyone. Sapphires come in all colours of the rainbow, not just the vibrant and deep blues they are so famous for. In fact, they even come in black and colourless varieties.

One of the many appealing things about sapphire is the price, in comparison to a diamond, they are considerably less expensive. This allows the size to become a major element in the design process. If you desire a large stone that is going to make a statement, then sapphires are a great option.

Blue sapphires are the most popular, the two main ones are the prized Ceylon type sapphires and the inky blue Australian sapphire. Pinks and yellows follow blue in popularity and then the shades of green, orange, purple, black and colourless. One of the most exquisite types is the peachy colour sapphires, the rare Padparadscha sapphire predominantly comes from Sri Lanka.

We take great pride in sourcing the very best sapphires available on the market. Whether it be a stunning blue or a playful pink we will search high and low for the right stone for you.

Click here to view our range of sapphire engagement rings.

OCTOBER BIRTHSTONEDazzle White Gold Engagement Ring

Modern Birthstone – Opal

Traditional Birthstone – Tourmaline

October Birthstone Meaning

Opal is said to represent hope, many believe that wearing opal will heal the wearer and release inhibitions.

October babies have a stunning selection of gemstone options in their birthstone collection. They have the iconic Australian opal, the mesmerising tourmaline.

Opal is the primary birthstone for October. It is available in many varieties and can range in price to suit every budget. Be careful though because opals are one of the more unstable of all the birthstones. They can fracture easily and scratch easily. They are also slightly porous meaning they can absorb all sorts of substances that could potentially damage them.

If you have your heart set on an opal, consider a pendant or earrings over a ring. The wearer will still need to be careful when wearing perfume or sunscreen but the risk of damage is greatly reduced.

If you want to buy a birthstone ring for someone born in October, we would recommend looking at their secondary birthstone, the tourmaline. Tourmalines come in a range of colours from pink to champagne and a variety of greens. Black tourmaline is also popular along with the rarest variety, the Paraiba tourmaline. Paraiba tourmaline is a striking peacock blue and is on the wish list of many gemstone collectors worldwide.

Another rare and colourful tourmaline is the beautiful bicolour or parti variety. Gemmologists appropriately refer to these as ‘watermelon’ tourmalines. These look exactly as you may imagine; a beautiful combination of green and pink. A typical watermelon tourmaline crystal, when sliced, will appear green on the outside with a pinkish-red centre.

The vibrant and colourful nature of tourmaline lends itself perfectly to dress rings or any other colourful, custom-made fine jewellery item.

The Meaning of Tourmaline

It is interesting to note that tourmaline is one of the most significant gemstones for metaphysical use. Because tourmaline can be found all over the world, there are numerous records throughout history that speak of its use in healing a variety of ailments; specifically to support the nervous system, blood and lymph nodes. 

In India, tourmaline is used to promote insight into the good in one’s life and to identify evil and trouble. African and Native American cultures wore tourmaline as a talisman to ward off evil and protect against danger. On top of all this, perhaps because of the beautiful range of colours tourmaline comes in, it is also believed to promote creativity.

Tourmaline is clearly a wonderful choice of gemstone for any custom-made jewellery piece. With such a wonderful assortment of colours, there is one for everyone.

NOVEMBER BIRTHSTONERosetta Pear White Gold Engagement Ring

Modern Birthstone – Topaz

Traditional Birthstone – Citrine

November Birthstone Meaning

Topaz is believed to bring prosperity and abundance to the wearer, it is a stone that represents love and passion igniting one’s inner power.

November’s birthstone is the topaz. Topaz comes in a huge variety of colours, from yellows, vibrant pinks, and soft violets, through to all shades of blue. The most common topazes are yellow and the most sought after and rare are the beautiful pinks, reds and oranges. The most popular varieties are the blues, which come in a range of stunning shades.

Topaz mines have existed throughout the world for centuries. Today the world’s largest supply comes from Brazil, with other smaller deposits found scattered around the globe. Different colours of topaz are more dominant in certain areas. For example, most of the beautiful rare pink topaz comes from Russia.

A Brief History of Topaz

According to Roman history, the name ‘Topaz’ comes from an island in the Red Sea called ‘Topazos’, now known as Zabargad. The stories from Ancient Roman times also suggest that topaz gave great strength to the wearer when travelling. 

Like many other gemstones, topaz carries different meanings and healing properties. In India, many believe topaz protects the wearer against sudden death, providing strength, good health and long life. Interestingly, during the Middle Ages, topaz was worn to balance the wearer’s state of mind. If you follow crystal healers, it also drives away depression, promotes happiness and assists in curing illnesses such as asthma and insomnia.

With a hardness of 8 on the Moh’s scale, topaz truly is a wonderful choice. Topaz is a perfect stone for jewellery, we suggest a beautiful set of earrings or a fabulous cocktail ring!

DECEMBER BIRTHSTONEAzure White Gold Engagement Ring

Modern Birthstone – Tanzanite

Traditional Birthstone – Turquoise

December Birthstone Meaning

Tanzanite is often recommended to promote one’s spiritual connection. It is said to open the heart and mind to deeper meditation and psychic power.

If you are born in December, you have a selection of stunning birthstones. Traditionally, the birthstone of December is Turquoise but over the years other gemstones have moved in. In 2002, December’s birthstone became Tanzanite. Turquoise became secondary along with Topaz Zircon and Lapis Lazuli.

Tanzanite is one of the more recent gemstone discoveries, with the first recorded discovery in 1954. As the name suggests, Tanzanite comes from Tanzania.

Tanzanite is highly desirable due to its beautiful deep violet colour. Good quality tanzanite displays colours ranging from vivid blues to rich purples. Interestingly, Tanzanite looks bluer under natural light and more purple under artificial light. It is important to note that nearly all Tanzanites receive heat treatment to enhance the violet-blue colour that makes them so desirable.

Many believe the colour of tanzanite brings the wearer good fortune and success. Linking the heart and mind, allowing the wearer to live a more compassionate life. Tanzanite strengthens the wearer’s immune system promoting a positive and healthy life. When you consider the natural beauty, Tanzanite is truly a special gemstone. Add to that the belief that it will bless the wearer with good fortune, it’s a fabulous gemstone to set into a custom made piece of jewellery for your loved one.

How to Design Birthstone Jewellery

if you’re looking for gift ideas, consider a beautiful piece of birthstone jewellery, it’s one of the most beautiful and sentimental gifts you can give. Each month has a respective birthstone and every gemstone holds special energetic qualities; many promote good health, prosperous lives, balance and positive energy. Whether you believe in the energetic qualities a gemstone holds or not, there is no denying that a piece of custom made gemstone jewellery is a thoughtful gift that will be cherished for years to come.

At Larsen Jewellery, we can source birthstones such as aquamarines, rubies, sapphires and more. We can then help you create a beautifully designed, meaningful piece of jewellery. The chosen gemstone will determine which type of jewellery is most suitable. Some gemstones, such as sapphires, are a more suitable choice for rings, whereas others with a lesser hardness may be more suitable in earrings or pendants. 

Ask your jeweller to advise you as to whether a specific gemstone can be set into a certain design. What to be mindful of when choosing gemstones for rings is whether they will hold up to everyday knocks and bumps. A beautiful dress ring worn on special occasions is an example of the perfect piece to include a fabulous, vibrant gemstone with a lesser hardness.

Creating a piece of birthstone jewellery is an opportunity to let your creative juices and your imagination run free. If you could have a piece of birthstone jewellery made for you, what would you choose? 

What Months Have Two Birthstones?

Every month has at least two birthstones. In this post, we have listed the two most widely recognized gemstones for each month but there are many more.

Are There Two Birthstones for Each Month?

There are several birthstones for each month. By the time you factor in astrological birthstones and Hindu tradition, you can pretty much choose your favourite from a long list of possible options!

Is Birthstone by Month or Zodiac?

There are actually both! This article covers just the modern and traditional birthstones but there are astrological birthstones for each star sign too.

Who Invented Birthstones?

It is impossible to know who first came up with the idea of having a gemstone represent each birth month. It dates back centuries in many different cultures.

In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers in America met to officially standardise the list of birthstones. Since then, several amendments and additions have been made.

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