Art Nouveau Inspired Engagement Rings

Custom designing an engagement ring means you can draw on many different design eras for inspiration. The Art Deco style features prominently in the growing trend of vintage engagement rings, especially amongst the stars in Hollywood. Perhaps not as popular as Art Deco, although still just as exquisite, is the Art Nouveau design movement.

Rose Gold Art Nouveau Inspired Engagement Ring with Side Stones

The Art Nouveau period is the perfect source of inspiration for those who love feminine, detailed designs. The Art Nouveau period embodies everything romantic. Designs are expressive and artistic, often free flowing, with soft feminine curves and subtle pale colours.

The Art Nouveau movement spanned 20 years from 1890 – 1910, during the same period of the Victorian and Edwardian and prior to the Art Deco movement. Art Nouveau was like an explosion of creativity and challenged the harsh mechanisms of the industrial revolution that was happening at the time; emphasising and nurturing the art and design of craftsmanship.

Unlike the Victorian and Edwardian periods, where jewellery was made to be worn by royalty and the upper class, Art Nouveau was seen as more artistic and was therefore embraced by the bohemians. Jewellers saw themselves as artists taking great care in creating magnificent, intricate pieces that told a story.

Art Nouveau jewellers used the natural world, feminine characteristics and gemstones for inspiration to create enchanting pieces. Some of the common features of Art Nouveau pieces are:

  • Curves: Smooth lines, free flowing patterns and asymmetrical designs are a common theme throughout Art Nouveau designs.
  • Settings: Art Nouveau jewellers were renowned for experimenting with settings to create interesting designs that enhanced the natural characteristics of the gemstones.
  • Semi-Precious Gemstones: The Art Nouveau movement lead a rise in the use of semi-precious gemstones. Stones such as topaz, opal, peridot, pearls and citrine were all popular choices. Diamonds were used but generally designs would include several small diamonds rather than a single large one.
  • Alternative Materials: The artistic nature of Art Nouveau jewellers saw experimentation with alternative materials. Enamel was hugely popular, as well as bone and wood.
  • Nature: Arguably the strongest characteristic of Art Nouveau jewellery is the use of nature. Whether it is the curves, colours or floral patterns used, nature was a continuous theme that was largely drawn on for inspiration.

Art Nouveau jewellery is undeniably beautiful. The intricate details and use of colour make this style a fantastic choice when custom designing a unique, feminine engagement ring with a hint of colour. Larsen Jewellery can help you come up with your own Art Nouveau inspired piece. Here are just a few of our Art Nouveau inspired designs:

art nouveau engagement ring
Rose and White Gold Art Nouveau Inspired Twist Engagement Ring
Art Nouveau Inspired Sapphire Engagement Ring
Art Nouveau Inspired Sapphire Engagement Ring
Art Nouveau Inspired Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring
Art Nouveau Inspired Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring

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