The Larsen Diary

Beyond the burger ring – Popular temporary engagement rings

So, you’ve found The One, now all you need is one ring, right? Well…not always! I have to say, I feel a...

8 Tips to find out her ring size!

A man who surprises his loved one with an engagement ring is considered by many, a brave man and a true romantic....

Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings


Demand for engagement rings with beautiful coloured gemstones is ever increasing. Just take a look at the fashion runways and the hands...

The Facts: 9ct vs 18ct

9ct vs 18ct engagement rings

When choosing a piece of fine jewellery, whether ready-made or custom-made, there is a long list of things to consider. It is...

Gemstones That Perfectly Match Everyday Objects

The world of gemstones is a colourful one, whatever your favourite colour, there is one to match. Not only are there gems...

What is Gypsy Setting?

When purchasing any piece of custom made fine jewellery you will be presented with a long list of questions. From what metal...

How long does it take to custom make an engagement ring?

When purchasing an engagement ring you have several choices. You can purchase a ring from a shop and have the experience complete in...

7 Things Brides Forget on Their Wedding Day

Bridal make-up

With wedding season almost upon us, it is safe to say that brides-to-be across Australia are busily crossing off their to-do lists.

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