Gift Ideas for an April Baby

April 13, 2015 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

If your loved one is born in April then you are lucky, as you will never be stuck for gift ideas! With April’s birthstone being the ‘Diamond’ and ‘diamond’s being a girl’s best friend’ a beautiful diamond piece of jewellery will forever be adored!  Years down the track she will look into her treasured jewellery collection with love, reminiscing of all the times you’ve shared and the years celebrated.
All birthstones have a meaning and carry ancient stories and mythology. What is the meaning of a diamond? Traditionally and still today diamonds are the symbol of love but if you look back in time and into ancient mythology there are other ideas of what diamonds represent. The Ancient Romans and Greeks believed that diamonds were tears from the Gods or remnants of falling stars and in Ancient Hindus mythology it is believed that diamonds could ward off danger. During the Middle Ages diamonds were believed to have healing properties.
As you can see diamonds have always been highly regarded as one of earths most beautiful creations, making them one of the most sought after and prized possessions. This is why a diamond has always and will always be an exquisite, sentimental gift. With a diamond you can never disappoint, whether you choose a ring, pair of earrings or a necklace!
The other wonderful thing about diamonds is the amazing array of colours available. There is no rule book saying that you must purchase a colourless, white diamond. If your partner loves coloured gemstones, then she will love coloured diamonds. Available in a range of colours from the rarest of pinks and beautiful blues to the more affordable yellowschampagnes, and cognacs. With coloured diamonds your options are endless. No two pieces of jewellery will ever be the same.
At Larsen Jewellery we can custom make a truly unique piece for you or alternatively we carry a beautiful range of ready-to-wear diamond and coloured gemstone jewellery, the perfect last minute gift idea!
To inspire you, here are a few of our favourite diamond jewellery gift ideas:
Diamond & Pearl Drop Earrings
Diamond Set Hoop Earrings
White Gold Diamond & Pink Diamond Studs
Classic Solitaire Diamond Pendant

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