Finger Size

A guide to measuring the right size for your custom made ring.

Measuring someone’s finger size can be tricky, especially if you want to purchase a ring as a surprise or a gift for someone. At Larsen Jewellery, our custom-made rings come with a complimentary resize which can be used within 4 weeks of collection. (It is important to note that some designs are excluded. See details here). Even with this in mind, it is worth doing a little bit of research to see if you can find out the finger size first, or at least, make a close guess.

The most accurate thing you can do is to come into our studio and allow one of our jewellers to measure your finger, however, we know this is not an option for everyone so here are our 3 top tips for sizing someone else’s finger, or your own!

Finger Size

1. Find a ring that fits

Perhaps you have access to a ring that is just the right size, whether it is one you already own or one that belongs to a friend or relative. Roll up a small piece of paper and use that to measure the inner circumference of the ring. Please also send us a photo of the ring you measured as the width of the band can play a part in how we determine the correct size.

2. Email us a photo of the person who will wear the ring

Believe it or not, this usually gets a fairly accurate result. We measure people’s fingers every day and we’re pretty good at guessing a size from the right photo. Have a look through your phone or social media and see if you can find a photo of your loved one that includes their hands. Now, this won’t work if it’s a photo of just their hands, something from a bit further away that includes their face is ideal. If you also give us an indication of their height and approximate dress size, we can do the rest.

3. Use our printable ring sizing guide

Download our Printable Larsen Ring Sizer PDF. This guide includes a to scale measuring device that will help you to establish the correct size of the widest part of the finger. This is a great option for measuring the right ring size when your partner is part of the planning.  

  1. Simply print the document.
  2. Measure the 5cm guideline to ensure that the page has printed correctly. In the print dialogue box, print scaling must be set to ‘None’ or ‘Do not scale’.
  3. Cut out the ring sizer and carefully cut the slot on the wide end.
  4. Place the end of the ring size through the slot to make a loop.
  5. Measure the widest part of the finger. For some, this can be the knuckle or the base of the finger. In order to establish an accurate measurement, you need to ensure the paper loop has been pulled taut, not sitting loosely.
Finger Size

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