5 Reasons Why You Should Add Diamonds into Your Wedding Ring

April 9, 2014 / Jewellery Buying Guide, Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are arguably one of the most important items on your wedding to do list! So make sure you have allocated plenty of time to get your rings organised!
When you begin looking at different styles of wedding rings you will very quickly realise that there are many options available. One of the biggest decisions when choosing your wedding ring is whether or not to have diamonds included in the design? There is no right or wrong answer, it is a personal choice and if diamonds are not for you, you may consider coloured gemstones or perhaps a beautiful, plain gold band.
If this is an easy question for you, with the answer being ‘absolutely!’, then you have many beautiful options to choose from. 
For those that have not yet decided if diamonds are for you, here are a few reasons how diamonds can be a beautiful addition:
– Adding diamonds are a great way to enhance your engagement ring and allow it to sparkle that little bit more. 
– If you have side diamonds in your engagement ring, adding diamonds to your wedding ring can create a perfectly balanced set. 
– Create your own unique design by adding diamonds. Choose from different styles of settings to create interesting designs that contrast with or sit as a perfect fit for your engagement ring. 
– Include diamonds into a hand engraved pattern. You may love floral designs and adding a touch of sparkle into your wedding ring may complete your beautiful design. 
– Add a touch of colour to your wedding ring with a fancy coloured diamond. Whether you choose black, yellow, blue or the ever so desirable pink, it is impossible to deny the beauty of these coloured diamond creations.
If you are still sitting on the fence, it is worth noting that you can always add diamonds to your wedding ring at a later date. 
Here are 5 of Larsen Jewellery’s favourite diamond wedding rings:
The ‘Princess and Baguette’ Channel Set Wedding Ring
The ‘Gypsy – Pink and White’ Wedding Rings. Custom design with your choice of pink diamonds or sapphires or choose your favourite coloured gemstone.
The ‘Infinity – black and white’ channel set wedding ring. Custom design with your choice of black diamonds or sapphires.
The ‘Fine Infinity Channel’ wedding ring, set with fifty 3/4 point diamonds channel set all the way around.
The beautiful ‘Stella’ wedding ring, bead set with 2pt round brilliant diamonds going all the way around.


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    A woman will never dislike diamond jewelry. A diamond ring is absolutely an esteemed gift for her.
    Thank you and appreciate the Larsen Jewellery’s favourite diamond wedding rings ideas.

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