The Difference Between a Princess Cut and Round Cut

February 13, 2018 / Jewellery Buying Guide


The round brilliant cut and the princess cut are two of the most popular diamond shapes, they look strikingly different to the naked eye. But dig a little deeper and you will discover there are some similar qualities which make them both so popular.

The round brilliant diamond is the cut most in-demand, accounting for 75% of diamonds sold worldwide. It is what most picture when they think of a diamond. For the classic ladies, who love timeless and traditional designs the round brilliant is the go-to.

This cut is renowned for its sparkle. Designed in 1919, the round brilliant has 58 facets, creating the scintillation and fire it is so famous for.

When a round brilliant diamond is faceted, it is generally cut from rough diamonds that are perfectly formed octahedron crystals. Other fancy shaped diamonds can be cut from more irregular shaped diamonds. The loss of diamond in the cutting process can be over 50%, this contributes to why the round brilliant cut is the most expensive cut of diamond.

When choosing a round brilliant diamond you may notice that the grading system is slightly different from other cuts. The most important quality of a round diamond is its cut, how well a diamond has been cut will determine how perfectly it will sparkle. We always recommend prioritising the cut grading of round brilliant diamonds over it’s other characteristics.

The princess cut, also known as the square modified brilliant cut, is perfect for those that love symmetry and clean lines but also love the sparkle of a round diamond.

The princess cut is a relatively new cut, designed in the 1970s. It commonly has 76 facets, a large table facet and a deep, multi-faceted pavilion which allows it to rival the scintillation of a round brilliant cut diamond.

Princess cuts are simply stunning, they are a great choice for the modern, contemporary bride and look beautiful in solitaire designs and designs featuring side stones.

Whether you prefer the round brilliant or princess cut diamond comes down to personal choice. Aesthetically, they are strikingly different in appearance. However, it is their brilliance that makes them similar, ensuring that there is a diamond that will sparkle for everyone, no matter what your taste.

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