How We Select A Larsen Diamond

by Sarah Schade and Christopher Larkins
June 17, 2020 / Diamond Education, Jewellery Buying Guide

How We Select A Larsen Diamond How We Select A Larsen Diamond

Here at Larsen, we meticulously inspect and curate a collection of high-quality diamonds that meet our most stringent selection standards. While the 4Cs and certificates are an important consideration and great starting point, they do not describe the overall beauty nor how desirable a diamond is. We delve beyond the basics and assess stones based on aesthetic measures, beauty, brilliance and overall attractiveness.

Our expert Gemmologists search for and identify diamonds that not only meet our high-quality standards but also represent excellent value to our customers. We do not include diamonds in our collection that fall into lower colour or clarity grades.

By doing this, we take the guesswork out of the diamond buying process. Instead of overwhelming you with thousands of diamonds in a database, leaving it up to you to sift through the archives trying to make sense of it all, we have done the hard work for you. We compare thousands of stones and individually inspect each one as it arrives in our studio to ensure we can proudly claim it as a Larsen Signature stone. Our diamond collection is a proud reflection of our commitment to quality.

“Purchasing a Diamond online can seem daunting and complicated, slight nuances can vary prices greatly and it’s difficult to compare apples with apples.” Christopher Larkins, our In-house Gemmologist.

“As a qualified Gemmologist that has worked in the industry for over 25 years, I have built a vast array of connections with some of the world’s leading diamond manufactures, enabling us access to find you the best of the best from the diamond world at reasonable prices

We go beyond the certificate grade and assess whether the diamond has been cut and polished to maximise fire and brilliance. We need to understand HOW proportions, symmetry and polish work together to influence light performance. We do not solely rely upon a Triple Excellent rating from a laboratory certificate.

We identify what type, number, location and colour of inclusions the diamond has. Does the diamond have any specific inclusions that may potentially risk breakage or future damage?

We assess whether the diamond shows a true representation of its natural colour or is it perhaps slightly tinted brown, green or milky. Is the diamond affected by fluorescence which may make your diamond appear slightly hazy or cloudy?

Understanding the elements that affect a diamond’s beauty takes years of experience and continuous research. We take the work out of searching for the perfect diamond by vetting the world’s most beautiful stones for you.”

Christopher Larkins is Larsen’s in-house expert Gemmologist, jewellery designer and Sydney studio manager.

GIA Alumni: Graduate of both the Gemmological Institute of America in New York, NEW YORK & Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA.

Fun fact- Christopher was the very first graduate of the GIA Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA Campus in 1996!

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