How to create a unique wedding ring

by Lars Larsen
November 25, 2013 / Engagement Rings,Jewellery Buying Guide

Are you searching for a wedding ring with a point of difference? Classic wedding rings are a lovely, timeless choice, but perhaps you are after something with a little more detail? There are endless options on how to custom design a wedding ring that is unique to you, you may have chosen to include diamonds, coloured gemstones, engraving or beautiful milgrained edges. Another way to create a unique wedding ring is to mix metals. Choosing different coloured metal combinations can create a beautiful contrast, offset your diamond or coloured gemstone or create a stunning mix with your engagement ring. 

So what exactly is mixed metal? The term ‘mixed metal’ refers to combining two or more different metal colours, usually white, yellow and rose gold, to create wonderful contrasting effects. Mixed metals can mean a combination of different metals in the one piece of jewellery or you may choose to combine different coloured metals in an engagement and wedding ring set. For example, you may have a white gold engagement ring and a perfectly contrasting rose gold wedding ring.
Choosing to create a ring using different coloured metal combinations will open up a wealth of design options. A popular choice for men’s wedding rings is to add contrasting side bands to a central band. 
Mokume Gane is a beautiful Japanese technique that layers different coloured metals on top of each other. Patterns are then carved into the surface, creating lovely wood grain effects. 
Here are just a few of Larsen Jewellery’s mixed metal combinations:
Custom made gents two tone white gold and rose gold wedding ring with contrasting lines and sleeves.
Custom made gents two tone white gold and yellow gold wedding ring with contrasting lines and sleeves.
Custom made gents rose gold and silver Mokume Gane wedding ring.

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