How to Match a Wedding Ring to Your Engagement Ring

Once your hand is adorned with an engagement ring it will likely not be too far down the track before you need to consider what style of wedding ring to have. For some, the task of choosing an engagement ring was possibly overwhelming, selecting the right balance between something timeless, unique and what suits your lifestyle may have proved to be tricky. For others, your engagement ring style was decided a long time ago, now it is just a matter of finding the right diamond.
Regardless of how easy or hard you found the task of choosing an engagement ring you can rest a sure that choosing a wedding ring is a much easier task.
It is a very common concern amongst customers to make sure their wedding ring will sit flush with the engagement ring. Not all engagement rings will allow a straight wedding ring. If your engagement ring does not take a ‘flush’ or ‘straight’ wedding ring, don’t worry there are a few tricks to get around this small obstacle. 
Most modern types are designed so that they will fit take, or accommodate a straight wedding ring. If you are after an engagement that will fit a ‘straight’ wedding ring then look for an engagement ring with a raised setting that allows the centre stone to sit above the band. 
If your engagement ring is elaborate and more complex in style it might mean that you will need to have a wedding ring custom designed to fit around your engagement ring.
There are a couple of ways of doing this:
A Contour Wedding Ring:
A contour wedding ring is the most popular style of fitted wedding rings. It is a ring that has a curve that follows the line of the engagement ring. This style looks beautiful and elegant and also looks fabulous worn on its own, or later down the track you may want to complete the set and mirror your wedding ring on the other side of your engagement ring with a matching eternity ring.
A Notch Wedding Ring:
A notch wedding ring is a straight wedding ring with a small notch carved out to allow the engagement ring to slot in and sit perfectly up against the wedding ring. If you are after the look of a straight wedding ring but your engagement ring won’t allow it then this is the style for you!
It is also a possibility that some styles with finer details may require a combination of both contour and notch fitting styles to achieve a beautiful close fit. 
The ultimate thing you can do is enlist the help of your or a professional jeweller and they will help you to design the best custom made solution to suit your engagement ring!

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