How to Tell Your Halo from Your Solitaire

How to Tell Your Halo from Your SolitaireHow to Tell Your Halo from Your Solitaire

It’s no secret that engagement ring shopping can be overwhelming, even bewildering, especially for men jumping into the deep end for the first time. 
Shopping for an engagement ring should be a fun experience though. Don’t let the Internet; with a plethora of options, suggestions of what she might like or rules for choosing an engagement ring intimidate you. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the two of you, so stay true to what your gut is telling you and if in doubt ask for some help along the way in the form of a sister, mum or close girlfriend. Because most of the time, engagement ring shopping ends of being a collaborative between people; yourself, expert advice, the people that know her best or perhaps even herself!
When you begin your search for the perfect ring there is a list of things you will need to consider; the diamond, the metal, the style… If you are a novice and not confident that you have your jewellery ‘lingo’ down then this is how to tell the difference between your halos and solitaires to avoid your face washing over with a blank look when asked by a jeweller during one of your first visits which you prefer. 
To simply put it, a solitaire is exactly what you probably imagine, a diamond sitting elegantly on its own on a beautiful band. The popular choice is a Round Brilliant diamond, but that is not a must. Choose from coloured gemstones or diamonds and an array of different cuts. An Emerald cut or an Asscher cut are just two examples of fancy cuts that look lovely on their own. 
A Halo on the other hand, and very popular at the moment, features a centre stone surrounded by a circular ‘halo’ of small diamonds that enhance your centre stone. Once again there are no rules. The centre stone does not necessarily need to be a Round Brilliant, you may opt for the Princess cut with a square halo. If you are a lover of colour, a halo design is also a great way to introduce a hint of colour with your favourite coloured gemstone or diamond. 
If she loves the extra sparkle, then a halo engagement ring might just be the one for her and if one halo is not enough, spoil her with a double halo diamond engagement ring just as Justin Timberlake did for Jessica Biel with a stunning vintage inspired double halo engagement ring with side diamonds. 

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