Celtic Wedding Rings

29 Sep 2011

Incorporating Celtic design into your wedding jewellery provides a lovely, distinctive look and feel.

Celtic wedding jewellery is not reserved only for those with Celtic ancestry and can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates the history and meaning.

Celtic art is believed to date back as far back as the Bronze Age and has been influenced over time by its varying geographical locations.

Traditional Celtic design features intertwined knotting, geometrical shapes, cross imagery and weaving. These patterns symbolise elements such as peace, protection and the eternal circle of life and death.

Custom design your own special piece of Celtic jewellery with the help of the expert Jewellers at Larsen Jewellery in Sydney and Melbourne.  Choose you ideal metal and band width, then have your own personal Jeweller sketch a Celtic design to reflect your personal taste and values. Call Larsen Jewellery in Sydney on 02 9223 2006.

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