Articles About Diamonds

Five Unique Diamond Cuts You May Not Have Heard Of

Rose cut pear shaped diamond ring

It is true, diamonds are forever, although no one wants a dull rock on their hand for the rest of their life....

Personalised Laser Inscriptions on Diamonds

Personalised laser inscription on diamond

Engraving inside an engagement ring is nothing new, it’s likely we all have seen something written inside the band of a precious...

Black Beauty – The Truth About Black Diamonds

Midnight Sky Platinum Engagement Ring

It’s hard to deny how striking rings with black gemstones are, especially when they’re paired with contrasting white metal and a well...

Canadian Diamonds – Stunning and Sustainable

CanadianDiamonds StunningandSustainable

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, there are many things to consider; the style, the type of diamond/gemstone and your...

GIA Certified Diamonds


Established in 1931 and based in the United States, GIA is the world’s largest and one of the most respected non-profit institutes...

Radiant cut Diamond Rings

Radiant cut Diamond Rings

Radiant cut diamonds are the perfect choice for those that are drawn to emerald and square cut diamonds but who also love...

5 Stunning Diamond Alternatives


Diamonds are the most popular gemstone for an engagement ring, however, there are many women turning their heads to colourful and often...

How to Choose Between a Princess and a Cushion

How to Choose Between a Princess and a Cushion

There are two main decisions at the beginning of your engagement ring journey; which metal and what shaped diamond. The metal choice...

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Zen White Gold Engagement Ring

Asscher cuts, like Emerald cuts, are a step cut that offers sparkle and shimmer for those that love square shapes. The Asscher cut...

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