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Can You Get a Ring Engraved? All Your Questions Answered

Rose Gold Engagement and Wedding Rings

Engraving a ring is a lovely way to personalise jewellery. Whether you choose to engrave a date, a phrase, your names or...

Engagement Gifts Ideas (That Aren’t Just Money)

gift in box

While most couples ask for a monetary contribution to financially kickstart their lives or already have a gift registry emailed and posted,...

Alternative Metals for Wedding Rings


Traditionally, wedding bands are crafted from Gold or Platinum but what if these old school options don’t float your boat? Are there...

Bound for Life – The history of wedding rings

BoundforLife Thehistoryofweddingrings

After the endless scrolling through social media, screenshotting the perfect inspo posts to show your jeweller – will your wedding ring have...

Russian Wedding Rings

Russian Wedding Rings

Russian wedding rings are a traditional style of ring that is worn on the ladies right hand. Traditionally three rings of different...

Wedding Band Style Guide For Men

Wedding Band Style Guide For Men

It wasn’t too long ago that the only style of wedding ring on offer for men was the classic gold wedding ring....

The 6 Best Things to DIY for Your Wedding


It’s hard to scroll through your social media feed without spying gorgeous wedding DIY. From beautifully arranged bunches of native blooms to...

Gypsy Rings – What is Gypsy Setting?

What is gypsy setting

When purchasing any piece of custom made fine jewellery you will be presented with a long list of questions. From what metal...

The average Cost of a Wedding Band


The biggest concern for most when purchasing an engagement or wedding ring is whether they have allowed enough in the wedding budget....

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