What Centre Stone Should You Choose According To Your Star Sign

by Ella Harrison
October 24, 2019 / Coloured Gemstones, Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

With so many options available as the main feature of your engagement ring, it’s no wonder the decision making can become stressful. But let’s shift the blame to mercury being in retrograde for this article’s sake. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about calling the shots (because after all you’re a Libra and you just can’t help it) pour yourself a glass of wine and listen to what your stars are telling you. Click your sign below to reveal our advice for you.

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20th January – 18th February
The Aquarius-born is independent, eccentric and zestful just to name a few of their redeeming qualities! But one of their greatest traits is seeing the bigger picture, almost like a fortune teller. They have the ability to foresee how a certain event or action will affect others and play out in the long run. It goes without saying, that the lucky Aquarian who is designing their ring will not compromise on their vision and every single detail will be considered to a great extent. While one of the biggest challenges Aquarians face is feeling like they’re limited or caged in, you’ll be relieved to know their most empowering stone, a Garnet, is available in nearly ever colour under the sun including red, orange, pink, purple and green! Garnets embody prosperity, strength and gratitude – all the elements that enhance all the best Aquarian characteristics.

Malaya Rose Gold Engagement Ring


19 February – 20th March
Belonging to the water element, Pisces are incredibly loyal, unconditional and known to be the most patient of all the Zodiac signs. While their gut feeling and intuition is 99% spot on, it’s also quite common they end wrapped up in their own thoughts and forget it’s okay to lean on someone’s shoulder. As a water sign, it is only too fitting that Aquamarine is one of Pisces’ stones, as the name is derived from the Latin word for seawater. The gem also encourages individuals to let go and embrace change, but not to forget about your core values. If you’re darting back and forth in that overflowing mind of yours, most likely torn between using a family heirloom gem or a new gemstone such as an Aquamarine, be patient. Use this exciting chapter in your life to explore that creative corner in your mind as with patience you’ll be able to make your clearest judgement.

Andromeda White Gold Engagement Ring


21st March – 19 April
Aries is the first of the fire signs in the zodiac calendar, guess this makes sense as to why there is a heightened feeling of excitement and joy as you begin the journey of designing your engagement ring. Aries are natural-born organisers, they’ve completed their tasks set for the day before a Cancer has woken up. So, there would be no difference in their approach to their engagement ring. As an Aries, you’ve probably got a Pinterest board subcategorised by style, followed by gem, metal colour and price. As Aries take life by the horns and strive for perfection, it comes to no surprise that a diamond is their zodiac stone. Diamonds only further stimulate feelings of strength and courage as the Aries learns to adapt and reorganise their future.

Aura Platinum Engagement Ring


20th April – 20th May
Reliable, well-grounded and trustworthy is the Taurus. The down-to-earth sign is not afraid of hard work, after all, the wandering bull knows a thing or to about going to great lengths to achieve his end goal. They’re also known to self indulge and definitely no stranger to the occasional #treatyoself. However, a Taurus had to search the ends of the Earth to find their soulmate and they’ll most likely travel the same, or twice the distance to find their perfect gemstone. This is quite literally the case, as their birthstone is an Emerald. By nature, emeralds present inclusions which ultimately affect their toughness. Too many and the stone is brittle and too high risk to set. To find the perfect nearly-inclusion free Emerald… well, luckily Taurus’ aren’t known for their immediacy. Nonetheless, it’ll be worth the wait as the gemstone manifests strength, compassion and love. All the qualities you need for a lasting relationship!

Eve Platinum Engagement Ring


21st May – 20th June
Those born under the Gemini Sun are often misunderstood as two-faced due to its Latin name meaning ‘twins’ which is also associated with the twins Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology. When really, they’re the most adaptable personalities, also known as the chameleon of the zodiacs. A Gemini’s ability to be open and welcome all challenges with open arms go down their engagement ring journey without stress and only want to learn all that there is to learn. The official Gemini stone is a Pearl, it embodies resilience and ambition to grow and prosper. Sounds pretty ‘pearl-fect’ for the motivated Gemini. However, it’s unfortunately not an option recommended for an engagement ring due to their fragile nature. But this shouldn’t stop you from incorporating the stone into bridal jewellery such as a pair of earrings or a pendant. After all, it’s no coincidence Gemini’s are known for their adaptive nature.

Pearl and Diamond Earings


21st June – 22nd July
The most emotional star sign award goes to . . . Cancer. Our dear friends known as Cancerians can’t help it, as they’re a water sign and furthermore, they’re ruled by the Moon. Meaning, phases of the lunar cycle can intensify their emotions. This is not to be mistaken as a flaw in any case, as they’re the most trustworthy friend you’ll ever have. Cancers are the most loyal of all the signs, they’re honest and will wear their heart on their sleeve, but in the case of all things engagement rings and gemstones, swap the heart for a Ruby and sleeve for a finger? Since the beginning of time, Rubies have held a position of status representing purity, wisdom and love. Put a Ruby on a Cancerian’s finger and you’ve got a kind-hearted and devoted partner for life.

Affection Platinum Engagement Ring


23rd July – 22nd August
Represented by the lion and belonging to the fire element, it’s hardly a shocker that the Leo has that ‘king of the jungle’ attitude. Occasionally, they may come across as a know-it-all but, with the most honourable intentions. Naturally, they take on the role as leader and will strive to succeed in anything they set their mind to. Not only are they proud of their own achievements, but they also thrive in witnessing the successes of their friends and family. For the tough and ferocious Leo, Peridot is only too fitting to be their gemstone. Throughout the ages, it was known as the ‘gem of the sun’ by the Egyptians and the Hawaiians believed the gem was the tears of the Goddess Pelê. Ironic for all the traits a Leo encompasses, Peridot is one of the more fragile gems on the Mohs scale. Don’t roar out of frustration just yet our dear Leo, as Peridots are suitable as side stones in your engagement ring! If featured in your ring, the gem promotes strength, health and happiness.


23rd August – 22nd September
The complex and perfection oriented Virgo belongs to the Earth element of the zodiac. Essentially, they are the backbone of the zodiacs but they’ll tell you the world. Virgo’s are very analytical, hardworking and caring creatures, they love being a helping hand and put their heart and soul into everything they do. However, these perfectionists from time to time aren’t always the easiest to get along with. If you’re not performing to their standard, then you may as well not even try. The Virgo isn’t the ‘Disappointed Goddess’ for no reason. This is why a Sapphire is the perfect stone for any Virgo’s engagement ring. The stone is believed to enhance the positive traits and helps the already detail-oriented Virgo become even more diligent. Sapphires are also known for bringing wisdom, sincerity and prosperity.

Sky Oval Platinum Engagement Ring


23rd September – 22nd October
Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, makes individuals carefree, considerate of their surrounding environment and honourable. Libra is an air sign represented by a set of scales which reflect their fixation on balance and harmony. Qualities they apply to every aspect in life, they are the friend you need when making big life decisions as they reign supreme in understanding multiple perspectives. They are also handy to keep around as judicator. As a sign of balance, Tourmalines provide powerful energy to any Libran’s engagement ring. The stone brings peace and clarity by restoring balance to the left and right side of the brain. Once a Libran has fallen in love, they’ll want nothing less than a stone and ring design that will bring confidence and composure to their everyday life.

Tourmaline Ring Dress Ring


23rd October – 21st November
We really could have skipped Scorpios, they’re the most determined and strong-minded of all the signs. The probably already know exactly what their engagement ring will look like. However, for the precarious Scorpio, please read on. As a water sign, they’re very tapped into their emotions, we know they’ll feel it in their bones when the perfect stone comes along. Therefore, we recommend Topaz, this gem is available in every colour, our favourite being London Blue! Coincidentally, For the fiery Scorp’ it is believed that blue variations fight against negative energy, keeping individuals feeling calm and content.

Rosetta Pear White Gold Engagement Ring


22nd November – 21st December
Candid, inquisitive and dreamer are the few words that come to mind when describing a Sagittarius. They are represented by the Archer and will listen to every word say with enthusiasm. While they have a very generous personality type and will do anything for another with an open heart, they are also very driven by their own goals and take charge of their direction in life. When it comes down to a Sagittarian’s engagement ring, they’ve either taken the lead on this one and have got it under control. Otherwise, they’re very happy to go on life’s rollercoaster and see where they end up. In this case, you may want to consider a Tanzanite as your centre stone! They range from velvety blue-violet and are enchanting to look at. Remember to take extra caution and provide a little TLC as they’re not your most durable stone in comparison to a diamond or sapphire. They are however known to aid forms of transformation, such as going from Miss to Mrs for example as well as bringing harmony to their relationships

Rosetta Trio White Gold Engagement Ring


22nd December – 19 January
Much like their symbol, Capricorns behave an awfully a lot like goats. They’re sensitive at times, hardworking and aggressive when they don’t get what they want. Belonging to the Earth element of the Zodiac, they are a sign who are ambitious, disciplined and a tad stubborn. They thrive on structure and order, wherever there is a ladder, they’ll be sure to race you to the top and excelling every step of the way. Of course, it sounds too good to be true when it comes to the gemstone of choice of the over-achieving Capricorn as they have the option of two stones! The first one being a black Tourmaline as it is grounding and offers protection for all that Capri-energy. The second one, they’re gonna have to share with their Aquarian brothers and sisters as Garnets also provide support and promote love and loyalty.

Venezia White Gold Engagement Ring

How have your stars lined up? Get in touch with our team to view a selection of coloured gems tailored to you! Only when your sun is ascending of course . . .


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